A Message To Every Writer Who Feels Like Giving Up - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Lisa Rene LeClair

A Message To Every Writer Who Feels Like Giving Up

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I hear you. Every morning, I ease into a broken chair and sift through a herd of rejection hoping to find that one piece of reassurance that keeps me from falling to the floor. Writing is laborious. It is a job for thick-skinned individuals with Rottweiler tendencies. We tug on the eyes of an editor and hold out for anything positive. And if they throw us a bone, we chase it to the ends of the Earth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end up in the right hands. I started my blog with the purpose of getting my name out there. … Read More

For Writers – The Importance Of Developing A Thick Skin

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When I first started blogging I penned a humorous essay that poked fun at cloth diapers. In it I described one particularly unpleasant experience with changing my son. I painted a vivid picture of a flustered mother, of frustration with how much I was supposed to enjoy this gross task, of how expensive it was and the irony of finding myself scrubbing poop off of a $30 piece of fabric while bent over a toilet. I hit publish and to my astonishment that story went gangbusters. That piece drew the attention of local cloth diapering moms, who I would describe … Read More

A Bad Title Acts As Reader Repellant: How I Named My Book

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First Published on Women’s Voices For Change Every writer (and every reader) knows how important a good title can be.  The right title can make a potential reader eagerly reach for your book, while a bad title acts as a reader repellant. When I needed a terrific title for my new collection of funny essays about books and library work, I waited with hope for inspiration to strike. When it didn’t, a friend suggested that I use the title of one of the essays in the collection for the book‘s title. The two best candidates?  “A Nun Walks Into A Library.” And … Read More

7 Ways Blogging Taught Me To Be A Badass - Beynd Your Blog Guest Post by Joanna McClanahan

7 Ways Blogging Taught Me To Be A Badass

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I have only been blogging for a year but it has made me stronger in so many ways. I’ve learned a lot about my writing, but mostly about myself. Here are just some of the ways that blogging has taught me to be a badass: 1. I’m not afraid of rejection anymore I used to be so terrified of rejection, I rarely sent out anything. If I did, I spent at least a month editing it. When I received a rejection letter (or a series of them), I couldn’t help but take it personally. I would wonder if my writing … Read More

When Accomplishing Your Writing Goals Doesn't Feel Like You Thought It Would - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Kathleen Siddell

When Accomplishing Your Writing Goals Doesn’t Feel Like You Thought It Would

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The night I got a reply email from Emma Mustich, the former parenting editor at The Huffington Post, I didn’t sleep well. “I’d like to run this piece,” she wrote with frustrating brevity. My blog and writing career would take off! This was the big break I’d been waiting for! Goal accomplished! I cautiously spread the news among my dearest who perpetuated my fantasy. (None of them are in the writing game.) My book deal was within reach. My piece was posted and promoted by the Huffington Post on social media. The first 48 hours were exciting. I’d never had … Read More

Submission Feast or Famine- Handling Writing Opportunity Extremes - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Jill Ceder

Submission Feast or Famine: Handling Writing Opportunity Extremes

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“Darling I don’t know why I go to extremes Too high or too low there ain’t no in-betweens And if I stand or I fall It’s all or nothing at all” — Billy Joel I am convinced Billy Joel is singing about the journey of a freelance writer. My journey as a writer/blogger (still unsure of the label) began without intent or direction. It was February 2009 and I was sitting in a law office ordering my 4th bridesmaid dress for that summer. I always enjoyed writing, but mainly in the form of email rants; that summer the topic was … Read More

How I Was Published (and Paid!) More Times in 31 Days Than In 31 Years - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Kimberly Zapata

How I Was Published (and Paid!) More Times in 31 Days Than In 31 Years

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As I sit in my kitchen staring at the blinking cursor on my blank computer screen, the blinking cursor which is beckoning me — begging me — to write something, I find myself speechless. With an inbox full of rejections and a Google docs file full of titles for pieces yet-to-be-written, I wonder who am I to sit here and speak of success. How am I a success story? Then it dawns on me: Success isn’t perfection; it’s persistence. And in that vein, my friends, I have been successful indeed. While I have been writing for numerous years, my non-copywriting, what-I-want-to-do-with-my-life experience … Read More

What Are You Getting Yourself Into? An Inside Look At Running A Submissions-Based Site - Beyond Your Blog Q and A with the Editor of Sammiches and Psych Meds and MockMom

What Are You Getting Yourself Into? An Inside Look At Running A Submissions-Based Site

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Are you a blogger interested in starting your own submissions-based site? Looking to be Editor-in-Chief of your own e-zine? Maybe you have been asked to work at a magazine-style site run by a fellow blogger, or have considered putting your name in the ring to assist at one of these sites. If any of these describe you, you’ll love our Q&A with Lola Lolita, which gives us an up close look behind the scenes of two collaborative blogs she runs, Sammiches & Psych Meds and MockMom.  Beyond Your Blog: Welcome Lola — I’m excited to talk to you about running a submission-based site, because you … Read More

Step 1: Write Something Controversial, Step 2: Prepare For The Aftermath

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Here’s what I meant: Pets are not kids. The love you feel for the two is not equivalent. So calling animals “furkids” or “kids” or “granddogs” compares them to kids, which isn’t accurate. And which is mildly offensive to those of us in the parenting trenches. This was all a giant mistake. Never get between people and their dogs. First, YourTango slapped a splashy headline on it: “No, Your Dog is Not Your Baby, and Saying So Is an Insult to Moms.” Not really what I intended. Then the editors put up an angry lady graphic and slung it on … Read More

The 10 Stages of Mean Blog Comments - on Beyond Your Blog By Ashford Evans

The 10 Stages of Mean Blog Comments

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Well, I guess I’ve “made it” as some would say. I wrote my first piece that elicited hateful comments. In fact there is now an entire comment thread on a popular website devoted to those who hate me. Horrible, evil, hateful comment after comment making absurd assertions about my character, my writing ability, my role as a mother. It’s been a helluva week and quite the roller coaster of emotions and turmoil. The mood swings have been so violent I fear I may get whiplash. Despite the encouragement of my (super supportive) writer friends, this has been a journey that … Read More