“COMMA” SUTRA? – How I Turned a Negative Book Review into a Satisfying Experience

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At first, his words left me speechless. And for someone like me, who earns a living spinning words, that’s quite a feat. For days, in the aftermath, I felt uninspired and misunderstood. But for greater clarity here, let me rewind to the beginning … A long-awaited professional review on an E-book I launched for writers, back in October, had finally arrived. I was so nervous, I needed a cigarette; and I don’t even smoke. Once I opened the email that arrived in my inbox, I knew there would be no turning back. With this being my first, I really had … Read More

Help! I Hurt Myself Writing - 5 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid Desk Injuries

Help! I Hurt Myself Writing – 5 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid Desk Injuries

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In June, I attended an eye opening session at the BlogU conference lead by Ashley Fuchs of The Malleable Mom. Ashley talked about the importance of posture and movement in our work environment as a means to eliminate and prevent related injuries. In short, I learned that I was writing in the wrong place, writing in the wrong position, and that my head was placing about a 60 pound strain on my neck all those hours I spent looking down at my laptop. My husband nicknamed me ‘Big Head Todd’ after the band a few years ago because of my large cranium, but I … Read More

Writing Lessons Learned From A Kindergarten Class

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Every Thursday, I get the treat of spending an hour in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom, helping with “writer’s workshop.” The kids scratch out a sentence or two about what’s going on in their lives, and we adults help them work through sounding out words and getting them down on paper. A friend told me, “That’s perfect for you, since you’re a writer!” I laughed that one off, because what could adult freelance writing really have in common with 5-year-olds learning to craft their first small stories? Well, when I started to think about it, quite a bit, in fact. I … Read More