These 5 Sites With Huge Audiences Will Publish Your Writing Quickly (or Instantly!)

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These 5 Sites With Huge Audiences Will Publish Your Writing Quickly (or Instantly!)

These 5 Sites With Huge Audiences Will Publish Your Writing Quickly (or Instantly!)

8 months ago Olga Mecking wrote an article for Beyond Your Blog about 6 websites you could publish on immediately without editorial approval needed. Because this article was very popular among our readers, we decided to focus on even more sites that allow you to create an account and post work with little or no editorial delays. Here are five of them!


reaching 18 million women worldwide

“Mogul is an award-winning platform that enables women worldwide to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other.” Posts that do well on this platform include “honest experiences about life, career, relationships, gender empowerment, politics, etc.”. Once you publish a post, it immediately appears in the ‘Latest’ section on the home page and may make its way to ‘Trending’ if it gains momentum with readers, who can upvote and downvote articles.

Wondering what type of content does well on Mogul? Check out: DO NOT GET MARRIED Unless You Ask Your Partner These 15 Questions.Or Else You’ll Wish You Had.

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100+ million social media followers

FamilyShare helps readers “by providing uplifting and relevant content filled with enlightening and inspirational parenting, marriage and relationship advice”. This site is looking for contributors to write 500-1000 word articles targeted to women in their 20s-40s. “Pieces should be uplifting, informative, interesting, easy-to-read and creative.” Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to submit your articles and in most cases be published in 1-7 days! Bonuses include page view tracking and the ability to include your personal website in the endnotes for your article. Wondering what type of content does well on FamilyShare? Check out: 8 fun games to play with your husband that will keep the spark alive

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TODAY Parenting Team

potential for exposure on and the TODAY show

TODAY Parenting shares prompts or ‘challenges’ each month for writers to respond to with their stories. Past challenge examples include ‘Follow Your Dreams’, ‘Raising Siblings’, and ‘Reducing Holiday Stress’. Readers can ‘vote up’ favorite posts, which are given higher visibility on the site. Writer bonuses include the chance to be featured on, the TODAY show, in TODAY Parenting newsletters and on their social channels. Wondering what type of content does well on TODAY Parenting? Check out: Worry About Yourself!

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Learn more in this interview with TODAY Parents Editor Rebecca Dube

Writing Improvement Software

SheKnows Community

“SheKnows Media reaches 81 million women a month, making this the largest platform by and for women in the world”

Many of you have heard of BlogHer, which has been around for some time with allowing bloggers to create an account and publish content immediately. In October of 2016, BlogHer announced the migration of their community to (SheKnows Media acquired BlogHer a few years back). If you already had posts on BlogHer, no worries, those have all move over without any effort from you according to the announcement post from BlogHerWondering what type of content does well on SheKnows? Check out: Sleep training my baby made me a more confident mom

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Red Tricycle Spoke Contributor Network

reaching 12 million parents per month

Spoke Contributor Network is the part of Red Tricycle that is devoted to readers’ parenting stories (first person essays, parenting hacks and creative projects). Once you sign up to be a contributor and are accepted, you can start submitting stories. Most are accepted and published within 2-3 business days. There is a monetary bonus when your post reaches a certain threshold of unique views within 30 days. Writers are also eligible for monthly paid writing opportunities and paid influencer opportunities.Wondering what type of content does well on Spoke? Check out: An Introvert Mom Raises An Extrovert Kid

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Learn more in this interview with Spoke Managing Editor Leah Singer.

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