Submission Recommendations Report Service

Beyond Your Blog founder, Susan Maccarelli produces a limited number of writing submission recommendation reports each month. Slots are limited as she prefers to focus on one client at a time, and therefore completes no more than 1 each week.

First, Susan will provide you with a brief questionnaire to better understand your level of experience and personal/professional writing goals. Next, she spends time reviewing your blog and/or writing samples to become familiar with your writing style. From there, she prepares a customized strategy report that will be delivered to you via email. Take advantage of unlimited q&a via email with Susan for 4 weeks after report delivery for any questions related to submissions and the recommendations you received.

Your Customized Strategy Report will include:

  • Connector.

    3 Site Recommendations

    Your report will contain recommendations for 3 publications that fit your style, and niche and align with your personal and professional writing goals.

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    Submission Tips and Guidance

    Your report will also contain expertise and advice specifically tailored to your recommended publications to help get your work accepted on recommended sites.

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    Suggested Content to Submit

    Where applicable, you will also receive suggestions for the type of content you may want to submit to each publication, whether it be existing posts or original topics based on your niche.

““She not only gave me a list of places to submit my work that are suited to my writing style and content, she also gave a detailed explanation of how each site’s submission process worked, tips to get my submission seen by the right people, and a lot of encouragement. This evaluation was just what I needed to help me take the next step with my writing.”Tracie Nall, From Tracie
“If you are wanting to learn more about a variety of opportunities in which to submit and publish your work, and you are not sure which venues are best for you- Beyond Your Blog will get you started! I am excited to venture out and take some risks, with the new-found knowledge they provided.”Chris Carter, The Mom Cafe

All For Just $197