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Sharing Your Truth - Blogging To Impact Others - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Lacey Johnson

Bravery has long been one of my strongest suits. I’ve always felt comfortable exclaiming all of the things many people only dare to whisper to those closest to them. I’m not afraid to shake hands with the elephant in the living room, nor to step up to the mic to acknowledge its presence for all who are willing to listen.

I never imagined the impact my boldness would have on others, however. One afternoon in late September, I was preparing to do yoga in my living room when inspiration tapped me on the shoulder and blew through me with a stream of requests. “Tell them love does not desire to shatter any part of you, ” it said. “It never becomes ‘high’ from its ability to control you,” it persisted. My mind was not allowed to rest until such tokens of wisdom were given the opportunity to unfold across my keyboard. The funny thing is: Its story – its truth – was mine.

One of the most discomforting facts about my life is that I was once in an abusive relationship. Having been happily married for three years now, many of my close friends only know me as a bold writer who is most passionate about wellness, self-care, personal growth and serving up bites of occasionally uncomfortable pie-in-the-face truths. They do not know the girl I once was; the girl who was confined to the walls of depression, whose boyfriend was jealous of her homework and who was further sinking into quicksand every morning her feet hit the floor to once again encounter the unmerciful reality that resounded, “yep, you’re still in it”. But, I was her and she is me and I knew I had to own such reality.

And, so, I did.

Sharing Your Truth - Blogging To Impact Others - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Lacey Johnson

My story began flowing out of me a like a gushing reservoir. It was partially an unveiling of one of my most shameful skeletons, and partially a plea to anyone who saw themselves in any aspect of it to take my hand, step onto the lifeboat and move in the direction of refuge. I published the piece, How I Survived Love’s Dangerous Counterfeit, onto my blog, The Daily Doll. I had been contributing regularly for The Huffington Post for five months by that point, and so I decided to submit a revised version to Huffpost Women. It was published and, a few days later, was featured on their social pages. It marked my 30th publication for The Huffington Post, and was by far the most poignant in terms of response.

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I had expected to be judged and ridiculed. I had expected that my husband would be wiping bits of rotten tomato from every crevice of my face for days or weeks to come. But, instead, I was gifted with one “thank you” after another from women I will likely never have the pleasure of meeting.

My inbox had never encountered such beauty, such raw honesty and (hopefully) so many lines drawn in the sand. It felt as though I was standing before a giant black sky I had been sure would unapologetically devour me. Instead, to my surprise, I was bearing witness to an explosion of fireworks. Some revealed themselves like fragile specks of light, whereas some darted across the sky like a kaleidoscope bursting through the blackness. All were appreciated, celebrated and held dear.

I launched the The Daily Doll in August of 2014 with the intention of marrying a few of my most familiar worlds: my love for and educational background in writing, my passion for wellness and my six years of experience working as a traveling makeup artist for a well-known cosmetic company throughout college and thereafter. I knew my work as a makeup artist had gifted me with a front row viewing into the inner workings of the female psyche, as well as valuable insight into what occurs behind the curtain of the beauty industry.

As The Daily Doll progressed, however, it began blossoming into an introspective and revealing documentary, with a swirl or two of memoir, narrating my methods for becoming a greater version of myself, internally and externally. In doing such, I began to divulge much.

I have been a writer my entire life. It is something I have counted on to be my most treasured creative outlet, my most obliging playmate and sometimes my holy sanctuary. Writing has always sort of cradled me, but I never imagined my words would one day cradle anyone else.

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The internet is powerful, and I encourage myself as well as other writers and online personalities to be in awe of and have reverence to the propensity for impact we have on one another. We can use our online presence for our benefit as well as financial gain, and there is absolutely no shame in that. However, it can also be used to illuminate and assist in the human experience. I cannot imagine anything more rewarding or worthy of my time, creative juices or efforts.

A variety of other exciting things have transpired as a result of my blog’s creation. I wrote an article chronicling my experience with Olaplex, a hair product, and it performed exceedingly well. It was recently published in Mirabella magazine and, as a result, I am now one of their contributors. Another article I published, Don’t Drink the Poison, has had a decent amount of impact as well. A professor at a university as well as a few businesses have informed me that they are using the article as a tool to motivate their sales teams and students.

Most excitingly, I recently launched my iphone and android apps, for I have realized the trend is undoubtedly moving in such a direction. Not long ago, a subscriber wrote to me expressing that my articles had become such a part of her life, she wished she “could keep [me] in [her] pocket all day long.” Coincidentally, the opportunity to test my blog for an app company was presented to me shortly thereafter. All of my content is now available in an app format, and it is such a sublimely structured method for remaining connected with my readers.

The year 2015 taught me to never disregard flashes of inspiration, and to always be prepared for when opportunities may arrive. Most importantly, though, I’ve learned the magnitude of the impact we have on one another. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

I wish each of you extraordinary success in the new year, my fellow online soldiers. Here is to you sharing your truth, whatever that means for you.

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Lacey is a wife and creative chameleon residing in Nashville, TN, has a degree in journalism from Belmont University and founded, a beauty, wellness and self-development website, in 2014. A storyteller at heart, her writing style is a blend of self-help humor, liberation, entertainment and heartfelt celebration. She often drives her point home with a wink and a whisper, however occasionally only a lion's roar will do. Lacey writes about self-care, personal growth and uncomfortable truths, delivered delicately in a love letter to all who are willing to read her words.