Over 1,523 Publications That Are Paying Writers! P

Over 1,523 Publications That Are Paying Writers!

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In 2015 we published an article called 1129+ places That Pay For Your Writing. A year and a half later, this is still one of our most popular articles, so we decided to put together a new and improved version for our readers with lists that are a bit more current. Let’s get started! Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ – This is a list that Make A Living Writing puts together periodically. She also crosses them off the list if a site folds, stops accepting submissions, or stops paying writers (boo!). This is the list from Spring … Read More

These 5 Sites With Huge Audiences Will Publish Your Writing Quickly (or Instantly!)

These 5 Sites With Huge Audiences Will Publish Your Writing Quickly (or Instantly!)

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8 months ago Olga Mecking wrote an article for Beyond Your Blog about 6 websites you could publish on immediately without editorial approval needed. Because this article was very popular among our readers, we decided to focus on even more sites that allow you to create an account and post work with little or no editorial delays. Here are five of them! Mogul reaching 18 million women worldwide “Mogul is an award-winning platform that enables women worldwide to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other.” Posts that do well on this platform include “honest experiences about life, career, relationships, gender … Read More

Twelve Environmental Magazines That Pay Writers

12 Environmental Magazines That Pay Writers

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When you think of environmental essays, you probably think of intimidating places like National Geographic, Smithsonian, Orion, and other big name science magazines, but the environmental sector is more than scientific articles or heavy journalism. Whether you write about your hometown, healthy recipes, travel, or activities for kids, consider putting an environmental slant on your essay and send it to one of the following paying magazines. As of the publication date of this article, all listed publications offer PAID writing opportunities! Mother Earth Living With the tagline “Natural Home, Healthy Life,” this website focuses on green lifestyles. Topics include gardening, … Read More

Help! I Hurt Myself Writing - 5 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid Desk Injuries

Help! I Hurt Myself Writing – 5 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid Desk Injuries

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In June, I attended an eye opening session at the BlogU conference lead by Ashley Fuchs of The Malleable Mom. Ashley talked about the importance of posture and movement in our work environment as a means to eliminate and prevent related injuries. In short, I learned that I was writing in the wrong place, writing in the wrong position, and that my head was placing about a 60 pound strain on my neck all those hours I spent looking down at my laptop. My husband nicknamed me ‘Big Head Todd’ after the band a few years ago because of my large cranium, but I … Read More

20 Christian Websites Accepting Writing From Women - KateMotaung for Beyond Your Blog

20 Christian Websites Accepting Writing From Women‏

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Are you a Christian woman looking for a place to submit your writing? Below you’ll find twenty different sites that are open to receiving your submissions. Those with known paying opportunities at the time of publication have been indicated. Christian Courier is a Canadian bi-weekly publication serving North American Christians whose “content is an eclectic boutique of styles, opinions and flavors from a Reformed perspective…. with thoughtful response to the stories, issues and trends of today.” Payment details can be found in their submission guidelines. (PAID) (in)courage is a Dayspring ministry, and they call themselves “a home for the hearts of women.” … Read More

12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces on Beyond Your Blog

12 Writers Share Their Summer Writing Spaces

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I recently spent several hours cleaning a thick layer of pollen off of our screen porch. We moved in just before Christmas, so I had not officially tried out the space until after the de-pollenation occurred, and when I finally did I found it was prime writing real estate! While I am still a fixture on the couch most nights, the screened porch offers a serene writing space when I have time to use it during the day. I recently reached out to BYB readers to see where they were spending their summer writing hours, and here were some of the spaces … Read More

Beyond Your Blog's Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

Beyond Your Blog’s Top 10 Most Popular Interviews With Editors

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Last May we published a piece sharing our top 10 most popular interviews with editors. A year later we are now updating the list, as some new interviews have joined the ranks. If you have just stumbled on our site and are wondering where to get started, check out these 10 most listened to podcast interviews with editors. In each episode, my guest shares how to submit to their publication, what types of content they are looking for, payment info, response times, plans for the future, and more! If you are a loyal listener, leave a comment and let us … Read More

7 Sites Want Your  Photos and Photo Essays! - Beyond Your Blog

7 Sites Want Your Photos and Photo Essays!

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I’ve been surprised to find out how many bloggers and writers are also photographers, both amateur and professional. If this describes you, consider submitting your photos and photo essays to some of the publications listed here. The Sun This top-tier magazine publishes between 10 and 30 photos of the world around us as part of each monthly issue. Be prepared to wait 3 months (sometimes more) for a response and note that competition is stiff with over 1,000 photos being submitted each month! Payment: $100-$200 per accepted photo ($500 for cover photos) SUBMIT High Country News This news magazine covers the American … Read More

15 Australian Publications To Submit Your Writing To - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post - Ruth Dawkins

15 Australian Publications To Submit Your Writing To

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This is a list of Australia-based sites and publications that accept pitches, guest posts and submissions from bloggers and freelance writers. Many of them accept submissions from writers worldwide. Parenting Mamamia: It’s the largest independent women’s website in Australia, covering news, opinion, social commentary, political analysis, style, relationships, parenting, beauty and healthy, great videos, clever podcasts, and deeply personal stories. They have a reach of around four million Australians a month. (PAID) Sample Article: My parenting moment was difficult to write about, but every mother will relate. SUBMIT   Essential Kids: Australia’s largest resource and community for parents of young … Read More

Where to Get Published Immediately - 6 Sites With No Editorial Approval Needed - Beyond You Blog Guest Post By Olga Mecking

Where to Get Published Immediately – 6 Sites With No Editorial Approval Needed

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If you’re trying to get your feet wet in the world of being published outside of your own blog, one great way to prepare yourself is to guest-post: to put your writing on someone else’s blog. It will help you get used to thinking about writing for a different (and possibly bigger) audience and get you accustomed to working with editors. I’ve benefitted greatly from help and support from the editors I’ve worked with. But I will be the first one to admit that they can be just a little bit scary. What if they reject my writing, for example? … Read More