R.I.P. The Mix – Here’s how to pitch Hearst magazines directly

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R.I.P. The Mix - Here's how to pitch Hearst magazines directly

R.I.P. The Mix - Here's how to pitch Hearst magazines directly

Many of you remember recently departed The Mix, which served as the easiest point of entry to write for all of Hearst Digital’s publications, including the online versions of Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Marie Claire and 13 others you’ve probably heard of.

Some critics (including Jezebel) regarded The Mix as a low paying conduit for less experienced writers to break into Hearst’s digital platforms, while others found their daily calls, which often contained sensational calls for personally revealing essays, to be over the top. Still others have had incredible success being published via The Mix and were very disappointed to see it go.

Whether your experience with The Mix was good, bad, ugly, or non-existant, Hearst’s publication bylines are widely sought after by many writers.

Beyond Your Blog has put together the following list of 18 Hearst publications and their submission guidelines/editorial contacts (both print and digital) so you can start pitching your work directly!

Pro Tip: Want to email an editor directly? Most (not all) Hearst editorial staff have emails following the following convention if you want to give it a try: [first initial][lastname]@hearst.com. Also, quite a few editors list their email addresses in their Twitter profiles, or list a personal website containing professional contact info in their Twitter profile, so check those out!


Writer’s Guidelines

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Twitter Accounts for select Redbook Editors:

Meredith Rollins, Editor-in-Chief Redbook Magazine @MCKRollins
Yolanda Wikiel, Deputy Editor@yolandawikiel
Melissa Bykofsky, Senior Editor@MBykofsky
Brie Schwartz, Web/Social Media Editor Redbookmag.com@BrieSchwartz
Kim Cheney, Executive Managing Editor@kimeche
Tiffany Blackstone, Features Director@TiffanyBDazzled
Sarah Smith, Executive Editor@SarahTheEditor
Mallory Schlossberg, Web Editor@malloryschloss
Lauren Cohen, Social Media Editor@lauragailcohen
Karen Snyder Duke, Health Editor@ksnyderduke
Rachel Torgerson, Fashion Editor Redbookmag.com@racheltorgs
Marla Horenbein, Associate Fashion Editor Redbook Magazine@marlahorenbein

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Submit Your Writing

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Twitter Accounts for select Cosmopolitan Editors:

Michele Promaulayko – Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan@michprom
Sara Austin, Senior Deputy Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine@saradaustin
Marta Topran, Deputy Beauty Editor@MartaTopran
Maddie Aberman, Associate Beauty Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine@Madabraman
Helin Jung, Executive Lifestyle Editor@HelinJung
Emily Johnson, Senior Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine@emdashj
Danielle McNally, Senior Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine – @DaniSMcNally
Emma Barker, Features Editor Cosmopolitan.com@emmajune
Rachel Torgerson, Fashion Editor Cosmopolitan.com – @racheltorgs
Alex Rees, Deputy News Editor Cosmopolitan.com@maybealexislost
Ali Drucker, Senior Sex & Relationships Editor Cosmopolitan.com@ali_drucker
Julia Pukachevsky, Sex & Relationships Editor Cosmopolitan.com@jaypugz
Hayley MacMillan, Sex & Relationships Editor Cosmopolitan.com@hlmacmillen
Elizabeth Narina, Online Fitness and Health Editor@ejnarins
Danielle Tullo, Associate Lifestyle Editor Cosmopolitan.com@danielletullo
Becky Kaminsky, Weekend Social Media Editor Cosmopolitan.com@beckkaminsk

Good Housekeeping

Guidelines for Contributors

Additional Reading: Good Housekeeping: 130 Years Old & Still Necessary, Relevant & Sufficient In This Digital Age – The Mr. Magazine Interview With Jane Francisco, Editor-In-Chief, Good Housekeeping.

Twitter Accounts for select Good Housekeeping Editors:

Jane Francisco, Editor-in-Chief@janefrancisco
Laurie Jennings, Deputy Editor@lauriejennings
Meaghan B Murphy, Executive Editor – @meaghanbmurphy
Alyssa Longobucco, Associate Home Editor – @alongobucco
Asher Fogle Paul, Features Editor Good Housekeeping Online@asherfogle
Stephanie S. Fisher, Social Media Editor@stephsfisher
Kayla Keegan, Assistant Social Media Editor@ksk316

Woman’s Day

Guidelines For Digital Writers
Writer’s Guidelines

Additional Reading:Woman’s Day Magazine: A Woman’s Helpmate With Heart, Passion And Zest That Is As Relevant Today As It Was Yesteryear – The Mr. Magazine™ Interview With Susan Spencer, Editor-In-Chief, Woman’s Day.

Twitter Accounts for select Woman’s Day Editors:

Melissa Bykofsky, Senior Editor@MBykofsky
Abby Cuffey, Deputy Editor@alcuffey
Amy Houlihan, Beauty Editor – @amyshoulihan
Anna Helm Baxter, Senior Food Editor@Annahelmbaxter
Drew Anne Salvatore, Associate Food Editor@DrewASalvatore
Michelle Profis, Deputy Editor WomenDay.com – @michpro
Marlisse Cepeda, Web Editor WomansDay.com@MarlisseC

Marie Claire

Submission Guidelines

Additional Reading: How I Get It Done: Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire

Twitter Accounts for select Marie Claire Editors:

Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief Marie Claire@AnneFulenwider
Jennifer Goldstein, Executive Beauty & Health Editor –  @jenn_edit
Kayla Adler, Senior Features Editor@kaylawebley
Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor@zanarassi
Carolina O’Neill, Senior Fashion and Accessories Editor@carolinaxoneill
Colleen Leahey, Senior Editor@cmleahey
Jen Ortiz, Senior Editor@jenortiznyc
Jenna Blaha, Tech & Fashion Editor Marie Claire Magazine@jennablaha
Koa Beck, Senior Features Editor MarieClaire.com – @Koalani
Lauren Valenti, Beauty Editor MarieClaire.com@Lauren_Valenti
Rosa Heyman, Social Media Editor MarieClaire.com@Rosa_Heyman


Twitter Accounts for select Esquire Editors:

Megan Greenwell, Executive Features Editor@megreenwell
Eric Sullivan, Senior Editor@EricSull
James Thilman, Senior Editor@JamesThilman
Tyler Coates, Culture Editor@tylercoates
Jeff Gordinier, Food and Drinks Editor Esquire Magazine@JeffGordinier
Ben Boskovich, Social Media Editor@benbosk
John Hendrickson, Deputy Editor Esquire.com@JohnGHendy
Sammy Nickalls, Night/Weekend Editor Esquire.com@sammynickalls

Car and Driver

Staff List

Twitter Accounts for select Car and Driver Editors:

Jeff Sabatini, Features Editor@jeffsabatini
Joe Lorio, Senior Online Editor@Joe_Lorio
Greg Fink, Associate Online Editor@thefinker
Joey Capparella, Associate Online Editor@joeycapparella

Road & Track

Editorial Staff

Country Living

Contact Us – Print and Online

Additional Reading: Interview with Country Living Editor Rachel Hardage Barrett

Twitter Accounts for select Country Living Editors:

Michelle Profis, Deputy Editor CountryLiving.com – @michpro

Harper’s Bazaar

Editorial Inquiries

Additional Reading: Glenda Bailey Toasts 15 Years at Harper’s Bazaar

Twitter Accounts for select Harper’s Bazaar Editors:

Avril Graham, Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor@Avril_at_BAZAAR
Lauren Christensen, Associate Features Editor@lachristensen
Lauren McCarthy, Fashion News/Features Editor@mccarthylauren
Olivia Fleming, Senior Features Editor HarpersBAZAAR.com@okfleming
Jenna Rosenstein, Senior Beauty Editor HarpersBAZAAR.com@JennaRosenstein
Julie Kosin, Senior Digital Editor Social and Culture@juliekosin
Erica Gonzales, Assistant Digital News Editor@ericagonzo


How can I pitch stories?

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Twitter Accounts for select Seventeen Editors:

Michele Promaulayko – Editorial Director – @michprom
Joey Bartolomeo, Executive Editor@missjoeyb
Andrea Stanley, Senior Editor@AndreaStanley
Marta Topran, Deputy Beauty Editor@MartaTopran
Jen Abidor, Associate Editor – @abidorable
Noelle Devoe, Web Editor Seventeen.com@Noelle_CD


Additional Reading: How Hearst Turned an 8-Year-Old Recipe Website Into A Social Video Heavy Weight

Twitter Accounts for select Delish Editors:

R. O’Neill Bellomo, News Editor delish.com@rheannabellomo
Alyssa Fiorentino, Social Media Editor delish.com@lyss_fiorentino


HouseBeautiful Staff

Additional Reading: House Beautiful: Editor Sophie Donelson looks back at 120 years

Twitter Accounts for select HouseBeautiful Editors:

Sophie Dow Donelson, Editor-in-Chief HouseBeautiful – @Sophiedow
Stephanie S. Fisher, Social Media Editor@stephsfisher
Kayla Keegan, Assistant Social Media Editor@ksk316

Town & Country

General Contact

Additional Reading: How ‘Town & Country’ EIC Stellene Volandes Keeps America’s Oldest General Interest Magazine Looking Forward

Twitter Accounts for select Town & Country Editors:

Stellene Volandes, Editor-in-Chief Town & Country Magazine@therealstellene
Danielle Stein Chizzik, Deputy Editor@danisteinchizz
Sam Dangremond, Web Editor@samdangremond
Caroline Hallemann, Digital News Editor@challemann


Twitter Accounts for select ELLE Editors:

Robbie Myers, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Magazine – @robbiemyers
April Long, Executive Beauty Editor@aprillo5
Chloe Schama, Executive Editor ELLE.com@ChloeSchama
Alyssa Bailey, Associate News Editor ELLE.com@alyssabailey
Kristina Rodulfo, Associate Editor ELLE.com@kristinarodulfo


Editorial Submissions

Twitter Accounts for select Veranda Editors:

Clinton Roiss Smith, Editor-in-Chief@ClintonRSmith
Kelsey Kloss, Associate Web Editor@kelseykloss
Rachel Swalin, Social Media Editor@rswalin

Elle Decor

A 2012 article notes the following address for submissions: EDsubmissions@hearst.com

Twitter Accounts for select ELLE Decor Editors:

Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief@MichaelBoodro
Kelsey Kloss, Associate Web Editor@kelseykloss
Rachel Swalin, Social Media Editor@rswalin

Popular Mechanics

Editorial Guidelines

Twitter Accounts for select Popular Mechanics Editors:

Ryan D’Agostino, Editor-in-Chief@rhdagostino
Alexander George, Technology Editor@engeorged
Timothy Dahl, DIY Editor@dahlmaker
Matt Allyn, Senior Editor@mdallyn
Roy Berendsohn, Senior Editor@RBerendsohn

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Susan Maccarelli is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a site helping bloggers successfully submit their writing for publishing opportunities beyond their personal blogs. She also offers online training and consulting to new bloggers looking for direction on submitting their writing for publication. Susan has interviewed dozens of editors from publications like The New York Times, Huffington Post, Brain, Child, Chicken Soup For The Soul, The Washington Post, and speaks at many respected writing and blogging conferences.