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Publications That Pay For Previously Published Work - Beyond Your Blog By Susan Maccarelli

Beyond Your Blog has published several articles about where you can republish your previously published content, but today we’re taking a different approach.

Let’s take it one step further.

Where can you RE-publish your previously published content AND GET PAID?

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Typically sites that accept your republished content are non-paying sites, OR they only pay for first published pieces, and not for repubs.

However, now and then I come across a market that is willing to pay for your previously published work. I’ve been hoarding these for some time now on a small purple note card that lives on a side table in my living room, and I’m finally sharing it all with you in this article!

**Whenever submitting your previously published work, be sure you retain the rights to republish it, and have not waived those rights to one of your previous publishers per their contract or agreement**

Publications That Pay For Previously Published Work - Beyond Your Blog By Susan Maccarelli

Newsletters – Newsletters are one type of publication that will sometimes pay to republish something you have already published elsewhere. While not all newsletters do this, some do, so keep a side eye out for these calls for submissions. A theme I saw when researching this, was that many newsletters that are open to reprints get lots of submissions and schedule in advance, so depending on the market, I expect these can be competitive in terms of sheer volume of submissions. While you may not get rich here, getting paid for something you’ve already written, published, and potentially been paid for before, is a nice bonus for most of us. Several examples I’ve come across are:

  • Funds For Writers – Paying $10-$15 per reprint, this newsletter publishes one article per weekly newsletter and is typically booked well in advance of publication. They look for practical tools and information related to getting paid to write. (This is also a great newsletter for us writers to read!) SUBMIT
  • – This newsletter takes 12 articles a year for the newsletter, which they also publish on their site. Articles can cover almost every aspect of writing and are compensated $25-$35 each SUBMIT
  • Vibrant Nation – This community for women over 45 is offering a $50 reward for great posts in the month of August (2015) that will be published both in their newsletter and online. You must join or already be a member of their influencer network. “This can be a post you’ve already published on your own site, or somewhere else, or something you’ve written just for our audience!” They are especially looking for content from the following areas: Entertainment, Health, Travel, Retail, Cooking, DIY and Volunteering/Charity Work.

Chicken Soup For The Soul – This mother of all anthologies typically has multiple books in progress with open calls for submissions. In my interview with Chicken Soup For The Soul Publisher Amy Newmark, she confirmed their submission guideline policy not to accept previously published work, with the caveat that they WILL consider something “that has only been published in a small local publication with limited circulation or on your own blog.” For individuals who have not published widely outside of a personal blog, this policy may open up some great possibilities to give new life to something you’ve already written. Just be sure to disclose when you submit so everyone is on the same page. Authors are compensated $200 for each accepted piece and become part of the coveted CSFTS contributor community, complete with some pretty serious bragging rights.

Regional Family Magazines – If you listened to my podcast interview with Kerrie McLoughlin, author of (affiliate link:) Make Money To Write About Your Kids, you may remember that she mentioned an article of hers being sold 30 times to parenting and family publications across the US – and paid EACH TIME! You’ve seen them, they are typically the free local mags you see as you walk into your local grocery story, library, dentist office etc. Apparently because the markets are regional and therefore primarily separate, it is common practice for many of them to reprint and pay for articles that have run in other similar (but sufficiently distant) markets. Check out this podcast for a crash course or purchase your copy of her book by clicking the image below. Be careful with the highlighter though. If you are like me, the entire book will be neon yellow by the time you are done reading! (affiliate link:)

Print and Digital Magazines – While finding a submission-based site that pays for your previously published work can be difficult, there ARE a few out there! I give these pubs major credit for recognizing that even though many other sites treat it as, used, hand-me-down, already-been-chewed-gum, republished material can be valuable for them! For example:

  • Back To College – “We feature articles that address issues of importance to the older student: obtaining financial aid, on campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate school, or attaining academic excellence (study skills and success strategies). Career management and articles on successful transition are appreciated. We are especially looking for stories on the re-entry student experience.” They pay $32.50 for reprints — half of what they pay for originals. SUBMIT [NO LONGER IN OPERATION AS OF JUNE. 2016]
  • Sammiches and Psych Meds – This publication dishes the dirt on parenthood, politics, teaching/pedagogy, and potty humor. They also offer a modest bonus program that includes syndicated work and starts paying out when your piece reaches 500 views. SUBMIT
  • The Indie Chicks – Another site offering a bonus structure based on views, as long as your piece hits 1000 page views on the first day of publication (doable considering they have over a half million page views on the site each month), even syndicated articles are eligible. I know not everyone loves a bonus structure instead of a flat fee, but for something you’ve already published and possibly been paid for elsewhere, this sounds pretty sweet to me! SUBMIT [NO LONGER IN OPERATION AS OF FEB. 2016]

Anthologies – We already mentioned the big dog in this space, Chicken Soup For The Soul, but other anthology publishers sometimes open paying submissions up to previously published work as well. These submissions are typically open only for a limited time, so you’ll want to check our anthology directory for the latest calls to see which may be open to reprints. To prove to you that I am not hallucinating:

  • The Postpartum Year – This anthology about tales from the trenches in the first year of motherhood takes the Chicken Soup approach, looking for previously unpublished work, but will make an exception for something that was published only on your own blog.  There is a contributor pay ceiling of $50 per piece after the book recoups initial expenses.
  • World Weaver Press Anthologies – This publisher has several open and upcoming calls for anthology submissions including one on Dragons, and one on Uncanny Tales and another looking for Dragon stories that pay modest flat fees in the $10-20 range an accept reprints.

Literary Magazines – While it is not common practice, I was able to find a few lit mags that pay for republished work as well.

  • Neon – Let’s not exclude our friends in the UK. “Neon is a UK-based literary magazine, published online and in print every quarter. We publish poetry and prose by authors from anywhere in the world. Our focus is on work that is beautifully written, cold and contemporary.” They ask you to let them know if a piece is published elsewhere. as they taks one-time non-exclusive rights to your work, as well as the right to archive it upon publication. “Accepted authors receive one contributor copy, as well as a royalty derived from sales, subscriptions and donations – usually about £8.SUBMIT
  • The Sun Magazine – This bucket list publication for many writers pays between $100 and $2500 for original work, depending on the piece, and are “willing to read previously published works, though for reprints we pay only half our usual fee.” SUBMIT

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Podcasts – Did you know that there are sites out there who will take your words and make them into podcasts so listeners can enjoy them in audio-version? Selling reprints to podcast programs for money seems to be especially prominent in the fiction genre. This is a definite market for writers to watch for reprint opportunities, given that audio is a completely different medium and therefore often welcomed if it has not been produced in audio before. Here are a few examples.

  • Pseudopod – If you have a short horror story you’d like to hear read by a narrator, try this audio magazine that pays a flat fee of $100 for reprints ($20 flat fee for flash fiction – under 1500 words). SUBMIT
  • The Drabblecast – “A free, weekly, audio fiction podcast featuring short stories at the far side of weird”, this publication currently offers 3 cents per word for stories 500-4,000 words long. SUBMIT
  • Podcastle – If you have a fantasy fiction story you’d like to hear read by a narrator, try this audio magazine that pays a flat fee of $100 for reprints ($20 flat fee for flash fiction – under 2000 words). SUBMIT
  • Cast of Wonders – This is a young adult fiction podcast looking for “stories that evoke a sense of wonder and have something unreal about them.” currently paying £5 for accepted stories. SUBMIT

Do you know of or manage a paying market for reprints? If so, leave a comment with the link!

**Note: Always be sure to let the potential publisher you are submitting to know all the places a piece has been published when you submit (this includes your own blog as well as any other sites). Publicatons that accept previously published work have various guidelines.  For instance, one site may not care where it has been published and another may only want to take it if it has only been on your personal blog vs. having been published on another magazine-style site or specific competitors.  Whenever submitting previously published work, you must also be sure you retain the rights to republish it, and have not given away those rights to one of your previous publishers per their contract or agreement**

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