BYB 032: Media Exposure And Quotable Sources on Help A Reporter Out With Stacey Miller

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Today we are talking about the many ways bloggers can use Help A Reporter Out (HARO).  Whether you are trying to get quoted in a major publication to gain some visibility for your blog, or looking to find your own sources for a blog post or story you are working on, HARO is a great FREE resource you should know about.  Stacey Miller has been working with HARO for several years and is telling us all about how it works and how you can get started using it today.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) Offers Media Exposure and Quotable Sources For Bloggers - Interview with Stacey Miller - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 32

The interview includes

  • How HARO can help bloggers find sources to quote in blog posts
  • Why bloggers might want to sign up for a source account AND a media account on HARO (both free) plus the added perks that paid members get
  • Some examples of recent HARO queries and the categories you’ll receive queries in when you sign up as a source
  • What typically happens once you reply to a query
  • Other types of opportunities available through HARO including television appearances, podcasts and radio
  • How crowdsourcing your article through HARO can make it more shareable
  • Why it is important to respond quickly to queries if you are a source



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One Comment on “BYB 032: Media Exposure And Quotable Sources on Help A Reporter Out With Stacey Miller”

  1. Hi Susan, The Shadows in My Heart, my memoir, was published and released in September 2017. My story is timely with the current sexual abuse allegations. I am encouraged with the positive response received from the book.

    I started setting up a blog, but with writing and now the onset of marketing and promoting the book I feel as though I need instructions versus figuring it out on my own.

    What can you help me with?

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