BYB 023: How Do I Get Published On HuffPost? With Emma Mustich

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HuffPost Parents Senior Editor Answers How Do I Get Published On HuffPost

The number one question I get from Beyond Your Blog readers is “How can I get on Huffington Post’”?  While I’ve published posts with tips from other bloggers who have had success, and shared suggestions from around the web for how to get on their radar, this week we’ve gone straight to the source!  Listen to hear my chat with Emma Mustich, Senior Editor with HuffPost Parents, and get her answers to all your burning HuffPost questions!

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HuffPost Parents Senior Editor Answers How Do I Get Published On HuffPost

The interview includes

  • The various ways HuffPost receives pitches/stories from bloggers and her PREFERRED WAY FOR BLOGGERS TO PITCH HuffPost Parents
  • A description of the HUFFPOST “BACKSTAGE” and WHO CAN SUBMIT this way
  • 2 STAND OUT FEATURES OF CONTENT that really appeals to Emma and the team at HuffPost parents
  • Whether HuffPost Parents has a preference for NEW VS. REPUBLISHED WORK, and why it is important to tell them if a piece has already BEEN POPULAR ON YOUR PERSONAL BLOG
  • What Emma suggests doing IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD BACK about a submission
  • The IDEAL WORD COUNT for a submission to HuffPost Parents
  • 3 OF EMMA’S PICKS THAT YOU SHOULD READ to get a feel for what posts do well on HuffPost Parents
  • The BENEFITS OF BEING PUBLISHED on HuffPost Parents (typical and extreme!)
  • The various ways HuffPost Parents promotes posts and HOW THEY EXPECT WRITERS/BLOGGERS TO PROMOTE their published work


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22 Comments on “BYB 023: How Do I Get Published On HuffPost? With Emma Mustich”

  1. I love this!! So insightful and helpful… I hope to get published on Huffington Post one day.. and this gave me the boost I needed not to give up!

  2. Thanks for this, Susan!
    I was published twice on HuffPost back in 2013, but didn’t get backstage access, and have since tried submitting various ways (blog pitch form, emailing specific editors), and have never, ever heard back. I hope that the process has since improved, and by the sounds of it, it has (thanks Emma!). I may try again this year. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Susan! Emma shared some great insights here. I was recently invited to become a HuffPost Parents contributor after submitting a piece I’d written through the general section email. I’d tried other methods of submitting previously (tweeting at them, sending emails to specific editors, the blog pitch form), and hadn’t heard back. Alison and Lauren – KEEP TRYING! 🙂

  4. This was SO helpful!!! I am STOKED and ready to submit more of my pieces now that I have more information and insight, thanks to your interview. I submitted and never heard back- I believe once or twice.

    I am going to find some of my top posts and try again!

  5. Awesome. I just loved this post. Thank you for the podcast and the great information. Just submitted my first piece to the Huffpo so now I will give myself a little treat! Thanks for the info. Shared!!

  6. Good interview! I’ll have to go back to it a few times to really take it all in—and I’ll look forward to reading the examples. Thank you.

    And in general, thank you for BYB!

  7. Susan, I”m in love! with your site 🙂 Just found you and I run a DIY PR course and everyone wants to know this exact question. This interview is GOLD. Just posted in my group. Following up … on the pitching side of me (lol), how’d you get Emma on?? 🙂

    1. Thanks so much and so glad you found us! I was actually not yet a HuffPost blogger myself before the interview and didn’t have contacts there. I identified the parenting editors at the time on the HuffPost masthead and tracked down their emails. My pitch includes some name dropping of prior guests, so that always helps with the bigger name sites I think. Cheers!

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