BYB 035: Creating Moments That Matter On Plum Deluxe With Andy Hayes

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Submit Your Writing To Plum Deluxe - Creating Moments That Matter - Interview with Founder Andy Hayes - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #35

There are so many good things about this interview.  Plum Deluxe Founder Andy Hayes provides great tips on how to be among the select posts they feature (and pay for) each month.  You’ll also get some great pitch strategy, and learn about the unique product/website pairing Andy created that might inspire you with new ways to monetize your own blog or website!

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Submit Your Writing To Plum Deluxe - Creating Moments That Matter - Interview with Founder Andy Hayes - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #35

The interview includes

  • Why Andy left the corporate world and how he found his life’s purpose with Plum Deluxe
  • Why sponsors are NOT always the answer and how selling a physical product can be a great way to monetize your blog when you develop something that is the perfect compliment (like signature organic teas and Plum Deluxe!)
  • Topics Plum Deluxe is currently looking for in writer submissions including the topic most likely to get you on Andy’s radar
  • How much Plum Deluxe pays for accepted posts and how many guest posts they are publishing each week
  • Why they ask you to pitch an idea before you write your post for submission and what NOT to do when you pitch
  • How far ahead you should be thinking when you are submitting timely/seasonal pieces
  • The unpaid submission opportunity Plum Deluxe offers for short content on specific topics
  • Benefits Andy has seen Plum Deluxe writer’s enjoy
  • Andy’s great advice about pitching that you can apply to any publication you are submitting an idea to
  • What’s next for Plum Deluxe



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