BYB 088: Freelance Writing Secret Sauce with Brianna Bell and Kate Parham Kordsmeier

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Whether you are brand new to freelance writing (or even just thinking about starting), or whether you are farther down the road, and looking for some advice and techniques from a successful career freelancer, we’ve got you covered in this episode! Brianna Bell joins us to provide the perspective of a successful part-time freelancer one year in, while Kate Parham Kordsmeier shares her experience as a veteran freelancer with a laundry list of impressive bylines and media experience. We talk about finding clients and opportunities, managing schedules, useful resources, rate setting, the best and worst things about being a freelance writer, and more!

Freelance Writing Secret Sauce with Brianna Bell and Kate Parham Kordsmeier - Beyond Your Blog Episode 88

The interview includes

  • What the transition to freelance writer looked like for both writers and how they got started
  • The types of clients each freelancer works for primarily, and where they find them
  • Resources to find freelance clients and the qualities of desirable opportunities
  • The importance (and non-importance) of social media for freelancers
  • Organization & scheduling techniques
  • The best and worst things about freelancing
  • Setting rates

Resources (in order of mention)

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Brianna Bell: Facebook | Twitter

Kate Parham Kordsmeier: Twitter | LinkedIn

Freelance Writing Secret Sauce with Brianna Bell and Kate Parham Kordsmeier - Beyond Your Blog Podcast Episode 88

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One Comment on “BYB 088: Freelance Writing Secret Sauce with Brianna Bell and Kate Parham Kordsmeier”

  1. Loved, loved, loved this episode! It proves once again that we are all different, and it makes sense to find out what makes sense for each of us when it comes to pitching, organizing and deciding which jobs are worth taking and why.

    My memory isn’t bad, but I really need to start improving my spreadsheet skills. I start one, and then forget where I saved it, or what I named it.

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