BYB 084: Write for Contently’s The Freelancer & The Content Strategist – With Managing Editor, Dillon Baker

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There are just not enough hours in the day to find out about all the opportunities Contently offers to writers, but I certainly tried to cover it all in this interview with Dillon Baker, Managing Editor of Contently‘s The Freelancer. Not only do we discuss high paying opportunities for you to submit your work to both Contently‘s flagship publication The Content Strategist and sister site The Freelancer, we also cover why creating your freelance portfolio through Contently is important, their freelance rates database and much more.

Write for Contently's The Freelancer & The Content Strategist With Managing Editor, Dillon Baker - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 84 FB

The interview includes

  • How you can use Contently‘s portfolio service to make a beautiful display of your clips and become a part of the Contently Talent Network
  • How Contently uses the Talent Network to find freelancers for brand clients and why your bio is of the utmost importance for landing clients through their talent network
  • Three types of stories Dillon loves to publish on The Freelancer
  • Three Best Loved articles on The Freelancer
  • How to submit and whether to pitch an idea or send a completed piece
  • What to include in your pitch to The Freelancer
  • Payment details
  • Details about Contently’s The Content Strategist, including the type of content they publish, examples of popular pieces, how to pitch, payment details
  • Plans to improve Contently‘s rates database and how you can use it as a freelancer
  • Dillon’s tips for focusing on a specific niche



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Write for Contently's The Freelancer & The Content Strategist With Managing Editor, Dillon Baker - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 84

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