BYB 083: Get Published In Writer’s Digest – With Managing Editor Tyler Moss

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Get Published In Writer's Digest - With Managing Editor Tyler Moss - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 83

It isn’t often that I interview an editor from a publication that is nearly 100 years old. Writer’s Digest Managing Editor, Tyler Moss, joins me in this podcast to discuss how to break into their print magazine as a writer, the specific topics and types of pitches he loves to see, payment details, writer’s resources and lots more!

Get Published In Writer's Digest - With Managing Editor Tyler Moss - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 83 FB

The interview includes

  • How Tyler went from Writer’s Digest reader in high school to an editor with the publication as an adult
  • What you’ll find in each issue of Writer’s Digest and what they are looking for in each section.
  • Which magazine section is the best for new writers to break into and a new back page column
  • Some recent articles Tyler calls out as pieces potential contributors will want to read
  • What your pitch should (and shouldn’t) look like
  • When you will get a response to your submission
  • Payment and rights purchased
  • The most desired qualities of a successful Writer’s Digest pitch
  • Other writing resources offered by Writer’s Digest that listeners will love (including a teaser about a new conference!)


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Get Published In Writer's Digest - With Managing Editor Tyler Moss - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 83

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