BYB 081: Writing For Ravishly – With Editor-In-Chief, Joni Edelman

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BYB 081- Writing For Ravishly - With Editor-In-Chief, Joni Edelman - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 81

There are few online publications that seem to have as much buzz right now as Ravishly. Everywhere I turn I am hearing from people who love writing for them, people who want to write for them, and of course people who love reading the site. Editor-in-Chief Joni Edelman joins me to talk about the killer content they are publishing, how you can become a regular contributor, her own powerful writing, the unique relationships she has with writers and 100 other things that will have you wanting write for her (and be her best friend).

Writing For Ravishly - With Editor-In-Chief, Joni Edelman - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 81 FB

The interview includes

  • What sets Ravishly apart from other feminist sites
  • 5 Ravishly articles you should read to understand their tone and vibe
  • Who reads Ravishly and what you will find on each of the sections of Ravishly
  • Why you should NOT be scared that the application process requests a resume
  • How to become a regular contributor at Ravishly and what content expectations are
  • How soon you will hear back after applying to be a Ravishly contributor
  • Writer benefits including payment details and international consideration
  • What expectations Joni has of writers to follow and share on social media
  • Some of Joni’s favorite essays she’s written and why they are so relatable
  • How the relationship Joni has with her writers might be different than what you are used to


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Additional Ravishly writers mentioned: Adiba Nelson, Matt Joseph Diaz, Kevin Nordstrom (Aunt Ginger), Vergie Tovar, Britni de la Cretaz, Rebekah Kuschmider (Ravs Radar)

Joni’s TODAY Show Appearance – Mom of 5: ‘I’m much happier being fat’

Joni’s essays: 10 Things The Adult Child Of An Addict Wants You To Know7 Ways Toddlers Insist On Being Assholes, 10 Ways Target Is Robbing You Like A Pickpocket; A Letter To My Firstborn Child; Being Thin Didn’t Make Me Happy, But Being “Fat” Does


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BYB 081- Writing For Ravishly - With Editor-In-Chief, Joni Edelman - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 81

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3 Comments on “BYB 081: Writing For Ravishly – With Editor-In-Chief, Joni Edelman”

  1. I loved this interview! Joni sounds so amazing. I am excited to pitch to her. She is so real and down-to-earth. Thank you for doing this one!

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