BYB 077: Submission Etiquette Q&A For Writers

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Submission Etiquette Q&A For Writers- Beyond Your Blog Podcast 77

In this episode, we are tackling submission etiquette by asking editors to answer our burning questions. I was initially going to write a post and reached out to 9 editors to answer several etiquette questions. With all of the great responses, I decided I’d devote a full podcast to it, and this is it!

Submission Etiquette Q&A For Writers - Beyond your Blog Podcast 77

The following 9 editors contributed written responses, which are discussed in this podcast episode:

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel is the co-creator of Science of Parenthood and co-author of the new book, Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations (from She Writes Press). (Facebook | Twitter)

Lola Lolita is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sammiches and Psych Meds and its satirical division, MockMom, which are a community of candid and often humorous writers using the keyboard as a form of therapy for surviving the trials of parenthood, politics, teaching, marriage and relationships, and life in general. (Facebook | Twitter)

Marcelle Soviero is the Editor-in-Chief, Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers. Founded in 2000, it is an award-winning literary magazine dedicated to motherhood. (Facebook | Twitter)

Julie Zantopolous is the former editor in chief of Indie Chick Magazine, Julie is the author of Shoot Down The Wendy Bird, and runs, which is filled with great information for writers. (Facebook | Twitter)

Sarah Cottrell is the Community Manager for Urban Mommies, an upscale online magazine for urban mothers. Not only does Sarah search for new talent, but she also gives writers assignments and prompts, as well as manages their pitches for the Editor. (Facebook Group | Twitter)

Ashley Trexler is the founder of the website Lies About Parenting, a site dedicated to debunking popular parenting advice that just doesn’t work while raising healthier, happier kids. (Facebook | Twitter)

Val Curtis is Editor in Chief of BonBon Break, an online magazine helping modern moms cut through the internet chaos to provide advice and inspiration.  BonBon Break highlights exceptional women who write about everything from day-to-day events to extraordinary parenting moments. (Facebook | Twitter)

Julianne Palumbo is Editor in Chief of Mothers Always Write, a monthly, online literary magazine for mothers and mother writers who consider parenting to be their highest calling. They publish essays and poetry about the mothering experience. (Facebook | Twitter)

Lisa Nolan is the Editor and Publisher at Monkey Star Press, an independent publisher located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. (Facebook | Twitter)

The interview includes

  • Answers and discussion on the following questions:
    • If your post has been published on another site, can you still post it to your own blog?
    • What’s the best way to figure out my page views for sites that pays on a scale based on views?
    • Is there such a thing as pitching/submitting too frequently? 
    • Regarding rejected pieces, while feedback is by no means owed, is it ever okay to ask?
    • If a site’s submission guidelines don’t specify a timeframe for if/when you should hear back from them after submitting, is there a general rule of thumb for whether/when it would be appropriate to follow up?
    • Is it okay to submit more than one piece to a particular site at a time, or is it better to wait for a response on one submission before sending another one through?
    • Are there general expectations about how often or on which social media platforms you should share your work once it has been published on another website?
    • If I am unhappy with edits made to a piece I submitted for a website or anthology, do I have any recourse?
    • What are the biggest pet peeves editors have about writers?
    • Are there any A+ contributor behaviors that will get an editor excited the next time they see a submission come in from that writer?



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7 Comments on “BYB 077: Submission Etiquette Q&A For Writers”

  1. We never stop learning. I learned so much listening to the viewpoints in this podcast (even though I am one of the editors interviewed in this podcast!). Thank you for bringing up the etiquette of blogging!

  2. You really outdid yourself, again! Great job Susan, and hats off to all the editors in your podcast who took the time to contribute! (Sharing, tweeting, and pinning!)

  3. great info!
    I am brand new at writing and submitting my ‘motherly’ experiences.
    My children are now married with children of their own , but I have a lot of advice and stories pertaining to raising children . Obviously we are so much better at being Grandparents now that we know ‘how’ to be parents, I want to share both the good and the bad so young parents can benefit from my experience.

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