BYB 072: Write For Romper, The Site For MillIennial Mothers – With Senior Features Editor, Kylie McConville

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If you are familiar with popular women’s site Bustle, you might have heard about their baby site, Romper being born in late 2015. With fresh, unique content catering to millennial moms, Romper is looking for new voices. Senior Features Editor, Kylie McConville joined Beyond Your Blog to talk about the new site, the content they want you to submit, and what to look for from Romper in 2016.

BYB 072- Write For Romper, The Site For MillIennial Mothers - With Senior Features Editor, Kylie McConville - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 72

The interview includes

  • Romper‘s specific parenting focus and demographic
  • The pieces you should read to get a feel for Romper‘s voice
  • Sections Romper covers and the specific features content Kylie looks for
  • Whether Romper wants an idea pitched or a completed piece
  • How quickly they need time sensitive news-related pieces
  • What to include when you are pitching a story idea and the best subject line to use in your email
  • The topics they get a lot of submissions for, and the types of pieces they’d love to see more of
  • The quick turn around time for submission responses
  • Who gets paid and how they determine rates
  • Preferences about how writers promote their work
  • Kylie’s advice to anyone who is new to freelance work
  • What’s on the horizon for Romper in 2016



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