BYB 063: Washington Post’s Solo-ish Publishes Your Writing About Unmarried Life With Editor, Lisa Bonos

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Washington Post's Solo-ish Publishes Your Writing About Unmarried Life With Editor, Lisa Bonos - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 63

Solo-ish is The Washington Post‘s blog dedicated to unmarried life. Editor Lisa Bonos publishes guest submissions and writes for this blog whose tagline is “Unmarried, but far from alone”. From topics and columns to payment and response time, Lisa and I cover everything contributors need to know in this podcast. Prepare to jot down Lisa’s personal address for your submissions, and don’t miss how you can become part of the Washington Post Talent Network as a writer for Solo-ish!

Washington Post's Solo-ish Publishes Your Writing About Unmarried Life With Editor, Lisa Bonos - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 63

The interview includes

  • How and when Solo-ish started
  • What the topic of unmarried life covers
  • Some posts that potential contributors should read to find out what has done well with Solo-ish readers
  • How to submit things to Lisa directly for consideration, and how NOT to pitch her
  • How to become part of The Washington Post Talent Network by being published on Solo-ish
  • What topics Lisa would love to see more of and why she loves submissions from male writers
  • Qualities of the posts that Lisa loves to publish
  • 2 recurring Solo-ish columns you might want to submit to
  • How many pieces Solo-ish publishes daily and how quickly Lisa responds to submissions
  • Payment info!
  • Details about the Solo-ish podcast
  • The question that Susan and Lisa’s mother both asked her

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13 Comments on “BYB 063: Washington Post’s Solo-ish Publishes Your Writing About Unmarried Life With Editor, Lisa Bonos”

    1. That is great to hear! I really enjoyed both of those guests and hope you’ll find more you like. Cheers!

  1. I’m a Solo-ish reader and was glad for the chance to hear directly from Ms. Bonos. As a solo 40something woman who just moved abroad (because I can!), maybe I’ll pitch her 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I should have posted here before now, but life is a highway, as you know. I really feel that I owe a great debt to you, Susan…because I got published with Solo-ish after having listened to this podcast. I can’t remember what was bothering me that night, but I needed some kind of win or closure and I knew the answer was through writing. I began to look for places I hadn’t submitted before and of course The Post came to mind. I knew people who had published there but I was too impatient to call someone up. I listened to this podcast late in the evening and drafted something that night. I woke up early the next morning, did some edits, then in the afternoon I submitted to Lisa, because what the hell…the least she could do was reject me. Almost an hour later I got a call from a number in D.C. and I’m like, “well this is obviously a telemarketer.” So I didn’t answer. I listened to the voicemail, called Lisa back, and after minor edits, the piece went up the very next day, on a Friday. That’s an unlikely scenario and I got very lucky that I pitched at the time I did with the unique angle I had, but it’s thanks to this podcast that I was put into that mindset and fell into that scenario in the first place! So, I’d like to give my full and overdue thanks to you for presenting me with the info and proper background for me to get started. I am eternally grateful.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Love all the info from your podcasts, thank you! I just listened to this twice and I am unclear on the pitch format Lisa is looking for. I’m wondering if she prefers a pitch of a fully written essay? Any idea?

  4. Thank you so much for your podcast, Susan. I just discovered it and it is a must for any freelance writer.

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