BYB 061: Brain, Child Magazine – What’s New? Plus Paid Writing Opportunities With Editor-In-Chief, Marcelle Soviero

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Brain, Child Magazine What's New? Plus Paid Writing Opportunities With Editor-In-Chief Marcelle Soviero - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #61

When I interviewed Editor-in-Chief of Brain, Child, Marcelle Soviero in November of 2014, it was one of my most popular podcasts. Even though my podcast was fairly new at the time and I didn’t have as many listeners as I do now, it was so well received, that as of today, it is the 10th most listened to podcast out of 60 episodes! When I heard that there were lots of new things going on at Brain, Child, I knew I wanted to have Marcelle back to fill us in. If you want to know what’s new and/or how to get published on Brain, Child magazine, this podcast is for you!

Brain, Child Magazine What's New? Plus Paid Writing Opportunities With Editor-In-Chief Marcelle Soviero - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #61

The interview includes

  • Who reads Brain, Child and what readers will find there
  • The Brain, Child team roster and who covers what
  • Major changes at Brain, Child over the last year
  • What makes a strong submission for each on Brain, Child‘s sections
  • Some stand out
  • Details on which submissions Brain, Child pays for
  • What Marcelle is doing at 4am
  • Instruction and coaching available from Marcelle
  • Things to look forward to from Brain, Child in 2016


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