BYB 055: Writing For The Good Men Project (Girls Allowed!) – With Executive Editor, Thomas Fiffer

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Writing For The Good Men Project (Girls Allowed!) With Executive Editor Thomas Fiffer - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 55

Listeners have been asking me to interview The Good Men Project for months, and I’m finally delivering! Executive Editor Thomas Fiffer gives us the goods on submitting to this site that has millions of visitors each month (and yes, women CAN and DO write for this site!). As an added bonus, Thomas fills us in on many of the aspects of The Good Men Project I didn’t even know about, like live storytelling events for contributors, select opportunities for paid writing/editing opportunities, future development activities for writers, and plans to publish even more content in the near future.

Writing For The Good Men Project (Girls Allowed!) With Executive Editor Thomas Fiffer - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 55

The interview includes

  • What is The Good Men Project and who is it for?
  • Whether women can write for The Good Men Project
  • Home run articles on The Good Men Project that potential writers should read
  • The topics Thomas would like to see more of in the submission pool and the soft qualities Thomas looks for in a writers/submissions
  • Preferences on word count, previously published content, and republishing you original piece
  • Non-monetary benefits writers receive
  • Typical response time for submissions
  • The process for contributors who want to move into editorial positions at The Good Men Project
  • Expectations for contributors around how your piece on The Good Men Project will be promoted
  • How contributors can get involved in The Good Men Project‘s live storytelling events


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