BYB 049: Write For Buzz-worthy Gen-Xer Site, The Mid – With Deputy Editor Allison Slater Tate

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Write For Buzz-worthy Gen-Xer Site The Mid With Deputy Editor Allison Slater Tate - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 49

UPDATE: Since this podcast was published, The Mid has relocated to Club Mid, it’s new home on the Scary Mommy website. Going forward, they are downsizing and will be publishing very few posts and original submissions for Club Mid will be permanently closed. They WILL still be interested in previously published work, so if you have something that might be a fit, contact Kristen Mae at

Scary Mommy submissions are business as usual and not affected by this change with the Club Mid section.

Have you been hearing all the buzz about The Mid over the last few months? Every time I turn around it seems like there is a new post going nuts on the site and no shortage of topics appealing to gen-Xers like me. Eavesdrop on my conversation with Deputy Editor, Allison Slater Tate as we talk about exactly what The Mid loves to publish, how much they pay writers for original pieces, and what the buzz is all about!

Write For Buzz-worthy Gen-Xer Site The Mid With Deputy Editor Allison Slater Tate - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 49

The interview includes

  • What stage of life does The Mid capture and appeal to with readers
  • How do Allison and Jill Smokler work together leading the editorial staff at The Mid
  • Some of the hottest posts on The Mid that readers have loved and shared the heck out of
  • Word count sweet spot for submissions to The Mid
  • The tone and style of posts that appeal to The Mid’s audience
  • The topics that Allison is eager to see more of in the submission pool, and how many submissions she gets
  • Allison’s take on republishing material
  • How much you can expect to get paid for your accepted original pieces on The Mid


Submit to The Mid (no longer valid – see Update at the top of show notes)

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The Mid Writer, Lisa Heffernan

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Interested in hearing more from Allison? Check out her Google Hangout with Estelle Erasmus HERE


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