BYB 048: Medium’s Social, Intuitive and Immediate Publishing Experience, With VP of Content Sophie Moura

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Medium's Social, Intuitive and Immediate Publishing Experience With VP of Content Sophie Moura - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #48

This week we’re talking to a site that’s a little bit different from our typical submission sites. It’s a site where you publish your work immediately and don’t have to wait for an editor to approve it. It’s also a site that welcomes work that has been previously published on your personal blog and lets you retain all rights to your work. Finally, Medium is a site that offers a highly social platform for writing, reading and editing, different from any site I’ve ever written for. Join me as Content Group Vice President Sophie Moura explains exactly what Medium is and how we can start using and benefitting from it today as both writers and readers.

Medium's Social, Intuitive and Immediate Publishing Experience With VP of Content Sophie Moura - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #48

The interview includes

  • What is Medium and Who reads it
  • How is the Medium user experience social for readers and writers
  • Tips for optimizing your experience on Medium as a writer
  • How many posts are published daily on Medium and what promotion is most important
  • Medium’s processes for helping you make editing an interactive experience
  • Why you’ll love how Medium handles the rights to your work
  • How Medium takes comments and reader/writer interaction to a new level
  • Why writers love the stats that Medium provides for you on every post
  • The type of content by topic that does well on Medium and why word count is unlimited
  • Sophie’s thoughts on how writers publishing on Medium are benefitting



Medium: Facebook | Twitter

Sophie Moura: Twitter

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