BYB 047: Submit Personal Narrative-Driven Essays To Kveller, With Editor Molly Tolsky

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Submit Personal Narrative-Driven Essays To Kveller With Editor Molly Tolsky - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #47

I’ll just go ahead and start with this thought: If Mayim Bialik chooses to write for Kveller, then shouldn’t we all? Enough about my Blossom/Beaches/Big Bang Theory obsession. Kveller is a site for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting, and Editor Molly Tolsky is in the house to tell us exactly what they are looking for in the submissions department!

Submit Personal Narrative-Driven Essays To Kveller With Editor Molly Tolsky - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #47

The interview includes

  • What the word kvell means and how to correctly say it (tip: don’t take lessons from Susan)
  • Why Kveller might be a great place to publish certain stories, even if you are not Jewish 
  • 2 star pieces on Kveller that capture the tone of the site AND have done well with readers
  • What Molly wants you to write about in your submission
  • When you should submit seasonal pieces
  • Who at Kveller will lay eyes on your submission and the ratio of submissions to acceptances
  • Molly’s comments on paying writers and how quickly an editor will get back to you after you submit
  • The writing qualities that shout ‘This is for Kveller!’
  • How Kveller readers often become writers
  • Molly’s favorite sites to visit as a reader as well as her writing goals
  • What’s next for Kveller



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