BYB 046: Top Notch Top 10 Lists Offer Payment And Exposure, With TopTenz Founder Shell Harris

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Payment And Exposure For Top Notch Top 10 Lists With TopTenz Founder Shell Harris - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 46

**UPDATE – As of October 2015 TopTenz was not taking submissions posting this message on their site: “TopTenz is no longer accepting unsolicited article submissions or ideas. We are using only staff writers. We are not accepting new staff writers currently.” Check here to see current status of submissions.**

I am guessing that by the end of this podcast, your inner trivia nerd will have formulated at least 5 ideas for something to pitch to TopTenz (like mine did). And if payment and great exposure (this site gets 1700 SUBSCRIBERS per day!) are not enough for you, how about the possibility of your post being made into a potentially viral video? Be sure to listen to the #1 SEO tip TopTenz Founder and SEO expert, Shell Harris, offers to bloggers at the end of the interview!

Payment And Exposure For Top Notch Top 10 Lists With TopTenz Founder Shell Harris - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 46

The interview includes

  • How Shell launched the site with 3,000 views on day 1, and why he started taking submissions
  • The basic rule for writers to follow when coming up with list topics
  • The Top 10 most popular articles on TopTenz (okay, maybe it isn’t exactly 10, but we talk about quite a few just to show you what’s popular on the site)
  • How Shell can tell if you didn’t read the submission guidelines and why you should pitch an idea first, before a full article
  • What you will get paid per accepted submission and how to increase that amount with experience
  • Rookie mistakes first time TopTenz submitters make
  • The cool things TopTenz is doing with YouTube and how it is helping them gain 1700 subscribers PER DAY!
  • Why Shell is more interested in writers writing, than spending time promoting their work
  • The #1 SEO-related mistake SEO expert Shell Harris sees bloggers make and his favorite social media platform to help with search rankings



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Shell Harris: Twitter | Google+

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