BYB 044: Do You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog? With Money Saving Mom Founder, Crystal Paine

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Do You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog

I know my podcast usually focuses on submitting your writing to a specific website, and we do discuss that today (a little), but we are exploring a different topic in more depth.

Lately I have heard from so many bloggers about how blogging is overwhelming or disappointing them in some way and they feel like quitting. I have days I feel like throwing in the bloggy towel myself. Founder of the immensely successful site Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine, joined me to talk about this topic and how closely she can relate. Her thoughts on the topic and her own struggles will definitely resonate and inspire if thoughts of quitting blogging have ever crossed your mind.

Do You Ever Think About Quitting Your Blog? Interview with Money Saving Mom Founder, Crystal Paine

The interview includes

  • Crystal’s journey from pre-social media blogging to a site that has close to 2 million unique visitors a month
  • Why even the most successful bloggers still think about quitting
  • 5 questions you should ask yourself when you want to quit blogging
  • How a snub from Facebook helped Crystal be more at peace with blogging
  • Why Crystal gave herself the freedom to write about everything she was passionate about, even if it wasn’t in her niche
  • How being inspired by someone and trying to copy their success are different
  • When to step back and ask “What is working?”
  • Finding a healthy balance of sacrifice during your journey toward success
  • Practical suggestions for what to do when you are overwhelmed by the urge to quit
  • How to guest post for
  • Crystal’s new video course – that you can get for $17 (really!)



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