BYB 043: Successful Submissions with Washington Post On Parenting Editor, Amy Joyce

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Successful Submissions with Washington Post On Parenting Editor, Amy Joyce - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #43

If you write thoughtful essays about parenting then you need to add Washington Post’s On Parenting to your list of sites to submit your writing to. Washington Post Veteran Writer and Editor, Amy Joyce, joined me to to discuss what she is looking for in a successful submission. From what to include in your email, to examples of great articles that showcase the type of writing she loves, this interview will fill in any blanks you might have about submitting to On Parenting.

Successful Submissions with Washington Post On Parenting Editor, Amy Joyce - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #43

The interview includes

  • How Amy came into her current role with On Parenting as part of a 20 year career with Washington Post
  • 3 different articles that have done very well on On Parenting
  • The topic/theme that Amy has to turn away most of the time and the type of submissions that are most refreshing
  • Whether Amy prefers that you send a pitch or a completed piece and what other info your email should include
  • The one thing Amy doesn’t like to write
  • The submission volume vs. number of acceptances at On Parenting
  • How long a writer should wait before following up with Amy on a submission
  • What the editing process is like once you submit something that is accepted
  • Details about payment and exposure benefits for writers
  • How does Washington Post decide which posts get promoted where on social media
  • What is the Washington Post Talent Network and how will that affect On Parenting writers



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Susan Maccarelli

Susan Maccarelli is the creator of Beyond Your Blog, a site helping bloggers successfully submit their writing for publishing opportunities beyond their personal blogs. She also offers online training and consulting to new bloggers looking for direction on submitting their writing for publication. Susan has interviewed dozens of editors from publications like The New York Times, Huffington Post, Brain, Child, Chicken Soup For The Soul, The Washington Post, and speaks at many respected writing and blogging conferences.

11 Comments on “BYB 043: Successful Submissions with Washington Post On Parenting Editor, Amy Joyce”

  1. What a great job you did, Susan, w/the questions you asked. This was incredibly useful information from Amy Joyce. I’ll be returning to hear more of these editor interviews.

  2. This was awesome. I’m so glad that you shared it again, as I am new to BYB. What great effort and thought went into the questions! One thing I wondered is if they accept something that was previously pubbed, say on The Huffington Post, for example. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

  3. hi! do you happen to know if response time is still two weeks? just wondering if i should send a follow-up email after the two week grace period. thanks!

    1. I have heard from people sending directly to Amy that response time can be longer or that they have not heard back at all in some cases. Washington Post is funneling most submissions through the Talent Network now (see separate podcast in Washington Post Talent Network), so Amy is probably getting tons of things that way. While I have still heard that some people have pitched her directly and had their writing accepted, they are then funneled through the Talent Network. Cheers!

  4. Having a hard time finding your podcasts in iTunes. Are they still there? In meantime, subscribed! Love the angle you take on the work you do!

    1. We had a glitch with iTunes when we migrated over to our new site, but it has been fixed and should refresh within 24 hours if you’d like to access them there. Cheers!

  5. Great job, Susan. Thanks. Loved hearing both your voices. Made the process more human. I appreciate that.

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