BYB 042: Practical Submission Advice from Bustle Features Editor, Rachel Krantz

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Practical Submission Advice from BUSTLE Features Editor, Rachel Krantz - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #42

Ever wonder what it takes to get a feature on a very popular women’s interest site? You’re in luck! Bustle‘s Sr. Features Editor, Rachel Krantz, talked with me about what sets apart the select submissions she features. One of the things I loved about this interview was that Rachel gave great info for submitting to Bustle, and so much of her advice is applicable to any submissions you make, regardless of site. And guess what? If you are brand new to submitting your work, or only have a few bylines, Rachel is very open to hearing from you!

Practical Submission Advice from BUSTLE Features Editor, Rachel Krantz - Beyond Your Blog Podcast #42

The interview includes

  • The length and type of posts that make it as Bustle features
  • What makes Bustle posts so sharable on social media
  • The approximate number of pitches Rachel accepts in a given week compared to the total number of submissions received
  • Whether Rachel prefers a pitch or a full piece to be submitted and what you should and shouldn’t include in your submission email
  • The topics Rachel wants more (and less) of and the qualities she loves in submissions
  • The many reasons you would want to write for Bustle (competitive pay is one!)
  • Bustle’s upcoming workshop series for writers
  • Stellar Bustle writers you will want to read if you are thinking about submitting
  • How Bustle decides on promotion strategy for various pieces



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