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The New York Times accepts opinion articles on any topic, for the Op-Ed page (Monday through Saturday), the Sunday Review, Opinionator and other online series, and the International New York Times. "We need a diversity of voices and opinions about a range of topics. Anything can be an Op-Ed. We’re not only interested in policy, politics or government. We’re interested in everything, if it’s opinionated and we believe our readers will find it worth reading. We are especially interested in finding points of view that are different from those expressed in Times editorials."

Payment Info:   Paid Opportunities Available - They do pay, but per the former Op-Ed editor "People certainly don’t write for us for the money; the payment, frankly, is peanuts. They write for the influence, for the chance to reach an audience, to say something that’s been bothering them, driving them crazy, something that no one else seems to be saying."

Reading Fee:   None

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