In The Fray

β€œIn The Fray is an online magazine for writers and artists to explore global issues and engage readers with personal perspectives and critical analysis.”

Payment Info:   $0 - $100 - News (in-depth profiles and other reportage): $50-100 Commentary (personal essays, op-eds, and travel writing): $25-75 Art (photo essays, artwork, videos, multimedia projects, accompanying photos/art): $25-75 Interviews (Q&As): $25-75 Reviews (reviews of books, film, music, and art): $20-50 (plus copy of book, event admission, etc., when possible) Blog (shorter pieces, in any genre): unpaid

Reading Fee:   None

Submission Details

Considers Previously Published

"You must tell us if your submission, or portions or other versions of it, have been published elsewhere, online or in print, in any form or medium. We prefer work that has not appeared elsewhere. In certain cases, we will make explicit exceptions to this rule, but we do not pay compensation for pieces that we republish."

Approximate wait time:  30 days


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