The Health Journal

"A monthly consumer health magazine with two editions: Williamsburg & Hampton Roads. The Health Journal
features a variety of content including news-and feature-style articles of general and local interest as well
as humor, personal essays, expert advice columns, profiles and how-to articles. Our mission is to empower readers with knowledge of essential health topics and resources needed to enjoy optimum physical and emotional wellness at any life stage."

Payment Info:   .08 - .15 cents/word - "Unless other agreements have been made, The Health Journal agrees to pay a baseline of .15 cents per word for original work based on the final published word count. You’ll be sent the final word count via email after an issue has gone to press. If travel is required, The Health Journal will reimburse fairly. Discuss this with the editor. If space constraints require that we move your story online, we will honor the print payment agreement. For articles written specifically for the web (Web Extras), The Health Journal pays .08 cents per word. Word counts are determined by article subject."

Reading Fee:   None

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