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"Be A Freelance Blogger shows you how to increase your income, build an expert reputation, and regain your freedom by blogging for hire."

Payment Info:   $0 - $100 - "1. Unpaid Guest Contributions - If you want to submit a guest post and payment isn’t important to you, click here to send your outline by email. Lauren will guide you through the submission process and send your draft on to me. 2. Pitchfest [$100 Prize] - Enter the $100 Pitchfest!If you’d like a chance to get paid $100 for your guest post, hold on to your outline and submit it during Pitchfest. Pitchfest is a guest blogging contest in which you make your pitch publicly in the comments on a special “Let the Pitchfest begin” blog post (watch for those posts in March, June, September and December). We choose one winning pitch in each Pitchfest, plus one or more runners-up. The writer of the winning pitch gets $100 via Paypal on publication of their guest post, and runners-up get smaller prizes such as $50 on publication, group mentoring tickets, or ebooks.

Reading Fee:   None

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