How the Light Gets in – an anthology on parenting and mental illness

"Through first person narratives and interviews, How the Light Gets In will explore the unique challenges and the unexpected rewards of parenting with a mental illness. We are seeking contributors from all walks of life with varying diagnoses. Likewise, we are looking for essays from any point on the parenting timeline—from the decision to have a child, to the sleep deprived early years, to the hormonally fueled teenage years, to helping children navigate adulthood."

Payment Info:   Unpaid - "Contributors will be compensated with copies of the book and our undying gratitude."

Reading Fee:   None

Submission Details

Considers Previously Published

"Previously published material is accepted, as long as the author retains the rights."

Publication responds to all submissions

Approximate wait time:  60 days

Submission Deadline:  August 1, 2017