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34 Comments on “New? START HERE”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I just wanted to say I have found your site very helpful. I am a fairly new “mom” blogger and constantly looking for tips on how to better my writing, and also other places I can write and get published. I look forward to submitting to you in the near future.



  2. Hi, I am Noorizam from Malaysia. I was in early childhood education for 12 years and 6 years before that was a lecturer at one of a private college. My passion is in early childhood development and would like to share experience and at the same time would like to research on early intervention in early childhood development. Realising children are having issues so I hope i will be able to deliver the right way and share my experience. Here, there are a lot to read and learn…awesome and thank you I came across this..

  3. Hi Susan. I just found your site, and I’m so happy, I could cry! I’m a fairly new blogger and have much to learn. I have been overwhelmed trying to find resources to help me increase my subscriber list and break out in publishing beyond my own site. It looks like everything I need is “write” here. I can’t wait to start exploring.

  4. I just recently started blogging. Like other bloggers I want to create a interesting space that others are encouraged, entertained and informed.I hope that this site will provide some direction and help me maneuver my way around blogger land.

  5. Taylor
    Hi, my name is Taylor and I am only in seventh grade. I do write and sometimes draw illustrations to my books and if you gave me the scene I would love to write. my favorite genre to write is romance.

  6. Terrific resource for bloggers. I am yet to fully explore the site, the submission directory and the FB group. I’m? going to spread the word.

  7. What a great article.
    I like writing articles and i want to be paid to have them published.
    I hope its not too presumptuous but i would love to know what a ball mark figure for writing a paid article on a parenting site is. Have you any idea?

    1. There really is no ballpark. Some sites don’t pay anything, some pay bonuses based on things like views, and others pay flat rates ranging from $10 or $20 dollars up to hundreds. If you are writing parenting articles for select print publications it could be even more.

  8. Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for all of this information! I’m new to blogging, and am feeling a little overwhelmed! I’m definitely going through your site for tips and info. 🙂

  9. Hi,
    I found your website in Google. I must say, it is very useful. I found something different. I am using it for my food blog. I have also subscribed to your newsletter. Hope to get something great.

    1. I can’t make it louder now that it is published, I would try turning the volume up on your device and on the video itself. I will be re-recording the video soon and will try to make the volume higher if I can. Cheers!

  10. Hi Susan, and a good afternoon to you!!!
    Wanting to blog about ‘coping with divorce in your later years.’ I am going on my fifth year
    of divorce and am now 64 years of age. Would like to make a few coins on my writing if at all possible, but need you to point me in the right direction. I’ve seen the suggestions you have given, but would like a ‘tighter’ point of reference if you are able to do this. Any help would be appreciated. I am a published writer……

    1. You can focus on sites that cater to that age group (midlife +), and/or sites that publish divorce-related pieces. Another option would be Washington Post’s blog Solo-ish, about unmarried life. Here is an interview I did with the editor, Lisa Bonos with more info:

      Our relationships directory might be one to take a look at:
      as well as our midlife directory:


  11. Susan- I am brand new into researching how to approach getting my father’s recorded religious stories out there, either in written or auditory form.

    Literally, I began this morning when I couldn’t sleep. I don’t have a blog and am lucky to spell the word. I rarely listen to podcasts. However, I do have several inspirational heart warming stories on cassette tape, and now CD that he wished would somehow get published.

    Would you kindly point me in the right direction?

    Thanks. Becky

  12. Hi Susan, a friend of yours Keith Shirley referred me to your site. My husband is going through a stem cell transplant. For years I have enjoyed writing and been very interested in blogging, but busy with a full time job and now, as a 24 hour care giver, things are changing in my life and I want to focus on helping others through writing. During this process I have been “writing” about our days and experience through social media and had many people encourage me to try and follow this passion, and been told my writing is an inspiration. I do not have even have a site set up for blogging so that is where I am trying to start as I assume this is the first step. Anything you can do to assist would be great. Thank you!

  13. thank you SO MUCH for your website! so much fabulous info on here!

    for print magazines, how far in advance should one pitch a story that’s time specific, like if the story is valentine’s day themed, that kinda thing?

  14. dear susan my name is susan also so i feel like we already have common groung .when i say im just starting thats what i absolutly mean . First and foremost i am a firm believer in Jesus and my goal is to get a christian childrens book that ive finished published. So my friend said why dont you try freelance / writing for magizines. and this is why im here today i feel ive been lead here.Anyway i feel like this could be my purpose. writing for God. so can u remember when you first started and you didnt quite understand blogging? But one thing i have is faith and determination.Im what u would call a straving writer overdue bills and all those senseless stuff. i was lead to believe by a publishing company that after my book was completed they would illistrate and publish for a portion of the sales well after i completed it i was ready to send to them and thats when the person i had been speaking to for 4 months told me if they like the book it would cost 800 dollars to start .i was so disappointed maybe by my own stupidity thinking someone would do it for free and get commision from sales . But i soon realized that im learning and its a hurdle i have to jump to attain my goals . so my ability to write has always been there but i wasnt aware i was going to be lead by the lord to write a book . well i hope to hear from you i only have a email God bless you and your success i hope i can achieve the same.

  15. This looks like a wonderful site. Doing some research to help my sister with her blog 52-Mondays. I’ve already learned a bunch from articles of yours I found on google. Lead me here.Yay!


  16. Bless you my child! I am a baby senior who has been blogging with my sister, Sal, since 2007. Our site is called, The Midlife Gals, but now, It’s called The Midlife Gals Gone Gray…for obvious reasons! We garnered a small-but-rabid following during our really active years, including becoming regular contributors for More Magazine in its heyday. After writing our blog for about a year, our young tech-savvy nephew told me that the tiny black circle atop my Mac monitor was a CAMERA…well, we took that ball and ran off the field with it, having, to date, published over 150 insanely hilarious short videos on all manner of trivia/aging/movie reviews in costume, cooking segments…oh, and nekkid radio night! And, speaking of radio, The Midlife Gals were some of the first hosts on blogtalkradio, where our 19 episodes still reside.

    Then, life reared her sometimes ugly head again, and I had to go back to work as an executive secretary to pay the bills. I paid more dues there, and NOW IT’S MY TURN again! I’m a writer, and to stumble upon your site just makes me gleeful…that you are here to help us, having tripped a few times on your own yellow brick road to blogging and beyond. Thank you, dear heart, and I so look forward to learning from you and your site!!!

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