Most Wanted: Bloggers Share The Sites They Most Want To Be Featured On

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Bloggers Share The Sites They Want To Be Published On - Here from bloggers about the sites they most aspire to be on

Do you ever wonder if the sites at the top of your list to be published on are the same as other bloggers?  Do you wonder if there are sites you don’t even know about that SHOULD be at the top of your list?  Are you just curious if other bloggers aim to be published on the sites you have been featured on?

I recently posted asked several groups of bloggers what sites they most wanted to be featured on, and got some great responses!

Bloggers Share The Sites They Want To Be Published On - Here from bloggers about the sites they most aspire to be on

Alexandra blogs at Good Day Regular People, a blog is made up of posts from Alexandra; an overanalyzing, overwhelmed mother of three boys living life in a small town where she finds herself like a fish out of water. (Facebook, Twitter)

McSweeney’s – One of the most hilariously random sites on the internet. True cerebral humor.

Reductress – The one and only women’s online parody site. Out of this world clever and bursting with smart-assery.

The Rumpus –   Smart, relevant, to the gut writing.

The Toast – Fabulous humor website, some of the smartest writing on the web.

I will submit to these sites until the day I die. Because miracles happen. And they also might one day just tire of hearing from me and throw me a bone.

Traci blogs at A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen’s Momma, a funny glimpse into the joys of raising over-dramatic daughters and any other nonsense that tickles my writing bone. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

The Huffington Post – I would be over the moon to write for Huff Post! I haven’t worked up the nerve to submit to them because in the mind of THIS blogger, they are top of the hill! I think they are an awesome site to be featured on because of their great reach and diversified topics. And WHO hasn’t heard of them?! I read articles over there before I even started blogging!

Mamapedia – They are a great mom-based site with tons of fun reads. I have not been featured, but did join the facebook group and have put a post or two out there.  Joining the group was a great place to start, because, as with any “job”, networking will get you places! I am hoping to get noticed in there, but there are a LOT of great bloggers all submitting pretty great pieces! So it is kind of hard to get noticed. I am thinking that direct submissions might be a better option.

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 Lisa blogs at My So Called Glamorous Life: The Adventures of a Domestic Engineer, a sometimes funny, but always honest personal blog about all aspects of Lisa’s life including motherhood, marriage, race, education, and finding balance in all of it (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)


The Huffington Post – Everyone wants to be featured on Huffington Post and quite honestly, it’s a lack of nerve that keeps me from submitting a piece to them.

Rage Against the Minivan – I love and respect Kristin Howerton.  Even when I don’t necessarily agree with a position she has taken on a topic, I appreciate the way she approaches it. I did once send in a submission for the “What I Want You to Know” series, but I never heard back.

My Brown Baby – Denene Millner is a wonderful writer, who has a very balanced and thoughtful approach to raising African-American children in today’s society.  Here, I have been afraid that what I’m saying/writing about isn’t relevant, which is odd since I am an African-American mother. Again, lack of nerve.

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Gina blogs at Mom-Blog, which helps moms raising kids who with special needs or special diets with all kinds of things, including food/budget tips, apps, toys, therapy, taking care of themselves and more but I mostly focus on the benefits of children eating right. (Instagram, Facebook, Google+)


Huffington Post – This site is very powerful and garners a lot of opinions on a topic. It’d be great to spread awareness of how proper nutrition and avoiding chemicals/allergens can directly influence children’s cognitive ability.

BlogHer – I think it caters to a lot of moms, my primary audience, and my tips would go over well there.

Babble – I think the audience there would appreciate my work.

Right now, I’M working very hard on my own blog (which needs tweaking) and a new blog, and my writing gigs, but a good friend who is a brand expert has just encouraged me that I should be blogging at larger outlets too to expand my influence. I’m currently working that into my blog strategy.

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Alison blogs at Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops, a blog about the adventures of a fitness focused single mom of an energetic little boy. (FacebookTwitter)

In the seven months I have been writing, I have been published by Elephant Journal, and have guest posted on Motherhood Unadorned and Love Our Bodies Love Ourselves (PEDAW’s blog). I have pieces that are being published by Project: UnderblogRole Reboot and When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. I am also a contributor to the SavvyStories section of Savvy Mom CA.

Elephant Journal was in my top three so I have two left in my ultimate wish list for places to be published in the future:

Huffington Post – Huffington Post has an incredible reach and a knack for sharing stories that resonate with people. I would love to be able to partner with them to bring something from my unique point of view to news feeds everywhere. They are like a well loved paperback that gets passed along between friends and I want to be part of that magic. I have pitched one story via their submission form and have not heard back. I plan to pitch submissions in the future to specific editors to improve my chances of publication.

Hellogiggles – I am a big fan of Zooey Deschanel and her point of view. I love that the publication has a feel that is vibrant, feminist and has a tone women can relate to.  It’s like talking to a girlfriend that’s a brainy cheerleader. I sent something in through their reader contributions section that was a syndication request. For my next submission, I’m planning to write a piece specifically for the site, so it’s more marketable as fresh content.

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Moni blogs at, a mommy blog, infused with edge and humor, written by a professional Children’s Librarian, offering funny stories and educational tips. (FacebookTwitter)

Rebel Mony

Scary Mommy – I really love how there’s an article for any mom-mood and interest of the moment. I have actually submitted to Scary Mommy under the “humor list” on the subject of raising daughters, but I think my humor was a bit too PG-13. I am going to submit again, keeping it G rated next time!

Huffington Post – Who doesn’t want to get published here, it’s the holy grail! I have not submitted yet but am currently in the process of stalking their social media, their trends and posts, and the comments. I want to approach this one just right.

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Katie blogs at Pick Any Two, a site for moms who can do anything, but not everything. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

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Scary Mommy – So many sites offer to pay bloggers solely in exposure, which often isn’t worth it for those of us trying to make actual money with our writing. Scary Mommy, however, is an exception; I’ve heard many bloggers say the boost in page views and followers they got after being published there was payoff enough! I’m planning to submit soon, but haven’t yet because I know they want original, previously unpublished pieces—which is tough when you’re swamped trying to keep fresh content up on your own site.

Babble – I aspire to be published on Babble because it was one of the first parenting sites I myself read, so it holds a special place in my heart. I also love that they feature great content about so many different yet related subjects. They do have submission guidelines and contact information, but I always get the feeling those very general email addresses are just black holes. I’d love to find another “in” with them!

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Mandy Traut blogs at Aphrodite Blossoming.  In a nutshell, Mandy embodies the Aphrodite archetype in her life today as she continues her journey of self-acceptance, sexual expression, self-discovery, and transformation. 

Mandy Traut

Huffington Post – I appreciate that they are usually very liberal in their stance on various issues – especially LGBT concerns.

BlogHer – BlogHer is one of the greatest platforms tempowering women writers/bloggers.

Women of Spirit & Faith – focused on the divine feminine – which is, in part, the premise of my blog.

I plan to pursue these publications once I’ve developed my blog, gained an audience, and developed a presence in the blogosphere.  (Mandy has become a regular guest blogger for Heart and Soul eZine since submitting the above list of sites to Beyond Your Blog.)

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Jill blogs at Ripped Jeans & Bifocals a blog about her life as a forty-something mother to young children and her view as the oldest mom on the playground. (FacebookTwitter, Bloglovin)

Huffington Post (Parenting Section) – I aspire to be published on The Huffington Post because of the wide reach and diversity of readers.  Being accepted as a Huff Po blogger would be a great addition to my writing resume.  I haven’t been at trying to “crack the code” for that long, but I’ve tried their submission form and directly contacting their editors via email & Twitter.  Like a lot of bloggers, I’ve got the famous “crickets.”

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Rachael blogs at Three Boys and A Mom, a blog about everything from motherhood, to life with 3 boys, to divorce and being a single mother, faith, and everything in between… everything from heart breaking to hilarious! (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)


Huffington Post – I love the eclectic approach of Huffington Post and how they feature such a variety of writers and issues.

Scary Mommy – For similar reasons, I want to be in Scary Mommy. Not only is it one of the most well known sites; it’s usually hilarious, relatable, and makes you feel like you’re a little bit less alone in this motherhood gig, which is, in large part, why I started my blog to begin with.

As an aspiring writer hoping to write my own book some day soon, I’d of course be happy to be featured anywhere! (Rachel has been featured 3 times on since submitting her list of sites to Beyond Your Blog)

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Nicole blogs at Woman in the Man Cave, a mix of man cave meets a woman’s mind, Nicole blogs about raising boys and surviving to tell about it, including homeschooling, DIY projects, recipes, life hacks, and MS ramblings. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest


One Good Thing By Jillee – I read her blog daily. She has practical advice and tips that are useful for any home. I think she has one of the best blogging sites on the web.

BlogHer – I would love to be an Editor’s Pick on BlogHer. I think it’s the high point to being a blogger. If you can get them to feature you, then you’ll get more exposure and it will solidify the notion that you’re worth the reader’s time.

Huffington Post – I think that would be the ultimate blogger high.

I haven’t tried to be featured on either site, because my blog is still a work-in-progress. I write posts and read everything about making a successful blog, but there are only so many hours in the day. I need to finish a few more blog projects and then I may consider trying.

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Lisa blogs at Lifeblooming, a blog about kicking ass as a woman, mother, blogger and more. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Scary Mommy – I’m an utter newbie. Everything is new to me – blogging, writing, social media – it’s been a steep but enjoyable learning curve. After nine months (my own bloggy gestation period), I’ve reached a point where I’m comfortable with the basic technical aspects of blogging and have begun to find my own writing voice.  Scary Mommy writing is similar to what I have discovered my style to be. I aspire to write there because I believe it will hone my writing skills and will allow me to connect with readers who enjoy that particular type of writing.  I’ve begun numerous drafts which haven’t developed as I’d like so they’re currently sitting in blog-draft-purgatory. I need to find the right time and head space to sit down and complete a post I’m happy with. I’m aiming to have my first submission in there by Halloween.  Cos why not?

In the Powder Room – I adore the writing on In the Powder Room! I love the irreverent, witty humor and confessional-style sharing. In the Powder Room is my tribe I reckon.  I’m completely stoked that my first submission there was accepted and has just been published. As with all of the sites I want to submit to, I’m aiming to build a portfolio of published pieces over time.  That will let me connect more with both readers and writers.  Also I was astounded and completely thrilled when Leslie Marinelli HERSELF (#blogcrush) chatted with me via email about my post. That personal touch is another reason why I’d love to submit there again.

Huffington Post – At the risk of sounding mercenary, the main reason I’d like to be posted on HuffPo is for the potential exposure. I’m not looking forward to the weird and rabid comments that a site like HuffPo can sometimes generate but I see it as worth the drama.  The size of HuffPo’s readership is what attracts me to it. Due to its size, it also has a wide range of topics and writing styles which gives me an opportunity to refine what I already do or try something new. I intend to write a few posts that are ‘HuffPo’ ready. I’ll submit them after publishing them first on my blog. I’ll submit them via the online form and by sending them directly to a couple of editors. If that doesn’t work I’ll write a couple of original posts.

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Carly blogs at Living The Scream, a blog about the craziness of being a mom to my four overly dramatic daughters (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


Scary Mommy – I have been a long time reader of Scary Mommy, I love her blog and aspire to be on it with one of my own humorous essays one day. I have submitted a few times and have not been accepted yet, but am not deterred and will continue to work on my writing.

Do you appreciate a good ‘Where Are They Now’ update? I circled back with many of these bloggers for an update over a year later. You can read about it in Did These 7 Bloggers Get Published On The Sites They Were Aiming For A Year Ago?


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