Land A PAID Regular Contributor Position At One Of These 12 Websites

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Land A PAID Regular Contributor Position At One Of These 12 Websites - Beyond Your Blog Post By Susan Maccarelli

What’s better than having your writing accepted on a website that you respect and admire — and getting paid for it? For many of us, it would be a regular contributor position with that publication, offering a set schedule, a continuous paycheck, and some resume bling.

Other benefits of regular contributor gigs can include editorial support/mentoring, access to an established target audience, sponsored post opportunities, and regular deadlines — just to name a few.

If steady, paid writing work is a goal for you, a regular contributor role might be a great starting point or a way to diversify the freelance work you are already taking on. You should look for opportunities that fit your schedule in terms of the amount, type, and timing of the expected content.

To help you get started, here is a list of publications open to accepting regular contributors:

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Land A PAID Regular Contributor Position At One Of These 12 Websites - Beyond Your Blog Post By Susan Maccarelli


Your Teen Magazine For Parents – If you write about teens or tweens, this publication should be on your short list. Covering everything from school, risky behavior, dating, bullying and more, Your Teen offers writing opportunities for both their print magazine and digital platforms. Managing Editor Diana Simeon talks more about it in this interview with Beyond Your Blog. Regular Contributors Scoop > When asked, Diana expressed strong interest in finding regular contributors who can write for them again and again and ‘knock it out of the park every single time’ both for web and online. Your Teen offers a strong byline and competitive compensation typically offering .50/word to start (print) and $50 per post (online). Submission Guidelines

RomperRomper launched as an offshoot of Bustle in late 2015 and is aimed at millennial moms. Covering pregnancy, baby, toddler and kid topics as well as relationships, entertainment, food, fashion & beauty, their headlines are catchy like: “What Does Breastmilk Taste Like? 14 People Give Their Surprising Answers“. Get all the details from their Submission Guidelines. Regular Contributors Scoop > Romper posts its writing jobs on a jobscore page (along with Bustle’s openings). Most are open to remote status! Check the page regularly to see what is available.

Imperfect Parent“The main focus of The Imperfect Parent is to provide a world view from a parent’s perspective. Our main criterion is that the writing either makes people think, laugh, or both.” Regular Contributors Scoop > IP publishes book reviews of parenting publicationsIf you enjoy reading parenting books and providing book reviews, you can contact Imperfect Parent for more information on becoming a regular reviewer. Contact information and details on all submissions can be found in their submission guidelines.


Hometown Tourist – This fun travel site looks at travel destinations from a hometown perspective, providing readers with all the cool behind the scene’s destinations and events the locals know best. Founder Terri Lundberg was a guest on my podcast and stressed that she is NOT looking for travel writers only, but rather bloggers and writers who can share all the great hidden gems their hometown has to offer. Terri pays contributors to both her blog and the city guides Hometown Tourist publishes. Regular Contributors ScoopSubmission Guidelines state that “If your content is a success, we may offer you the chance to become a regular contributor. We are particularly interested in working with people who have an established blog, engaged audience, and social media presence.”

Transitions Abroad“…the leading website for independent travelers of all ages who want to extend their time abroad through all forms of work, study, volunteering, or low-cost cultural immersion travel.” Regular Contributors Scoop > “ is always looking for experienced (published) writers to become regular contributors, columnists, or contributing editors. Fees paid for work to such experienced regular contributors, columnists, or contributing editors are by agreement and are negotiable.Submission Guidelines

Mental Health

HealthyPlace – This site publishes stories across a wide variety of mental health topics and looks for writers who have personal experience and in depth knowledge on the topics they write about. Promotion and comment interaction is also important. Regular Contributors Scoop > HealthyPlace asks that regular contributors make a one year commitment writing 1-2 (your choice) short posts a week, plus one video per month (they will show you how!). These are paid freelance positions. Submission Guidelines

Psych Central – “Psych Central is the Internet’s leading independent mental health & psychology network, overseen by mental health professionals since 1995.” With over 8 million unique readers a month, writing for this publication will get your words in front of a wide reaching audience. Regular Contributors Scoop > While one time or occasional contributors are not paid, regular contributors ARE compensated. Per their submission guidelines, “… feel free to write us if you have an interest in writing more regularly for the site as a contributor or blogger.


writeHackr – Launching in early 2016 as “The Essential Resource For People Who Work With Words” writeHackr is a “lively and engaging digital magazine for authors, bloggers, copywriters & experts’ that will cover “writing tips & techniques, publishing trends, business essentials, writing news and more.” writeHackr is an opportunity for writers to get in on the ground floor with a brand new publication that pays writers $25 – $100 for features and interviews. Regular Contributor Scoop > writeHackr is calling for interest from potential regular contributors and feature editors: “If you have a singular topic-of-interest that you feel would work well as a regular column, and are willing to help us create our long-term content strategy, please send an email to Editing experience not required, but a strong writing voice and equally strong editorial competency is.” Submission Guidelines

Blogelina – Focused on blogging tips & tricks, Blogelina is a place for bloggers to have fun learning bout blogging. Regular Contributor Scoop > In February 2015, this site opened their application for interested regular contributors. They run a trial period where you complete an online application. If selected as a potential fit, you would write 4-8 posts per month at $25 per accepted post. Application


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Bustle“Providing a fresh spin on news, entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, and any and all subjects that concern women.” If you have not checked this site out before, you’ll find that their content is often trending and extremely sharable. SUBMIT hereRegular Contributor Scoop > During my interview with Bustle, Features Editor Rachel Krantz shared that they often fill their open writing positions with writers they have published as guests in the past. A full listing of open positions at Bustle can be found HERE — note: they are open to remote work for most writing openings, so no need to move to NYC if you are not there already.

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The Work At Home Woman – This site targets women interested in work from home opportunities, including making money, blogging, and entrepreneurial concerns to name just a few topics. Regular Contributor Scoop > Benefits include newsletter promotion to over 7300 subscribers, a bio and website link with your articles, potential syndication to larger sites like New York Times Business section, and cash bonus for hitting certain page view thresholds. Regular contributors are asked to submit once every 6 weeks and details can be found HERE.


Evermine – The Evermine Blog caters to home cooks, crafters, basement brewers, wedding and party planners. They accept guest posts (with your quality photos) that incorporate their personalized paper goods into recipes, inspiration, and d.i.y. ideas. Regular Contributoer Scoop > Regular Evermine contributors start out by writing a guest post (see submission guidelines). If this is successful, you can work with the editors to discuss the possibility of contributing regularly. Regular contributors submit up to three posts per month with each one earning you an $80 gift certificate for Evermine products.

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Note: If you are interested in providing content on a regular basis for a publication, but they have NOT publicized openings, try submitting at least once and being published there first. If you have a positive experience and are still interested, consider reaching out to your editorial contact and expressing your interest in writing for them more regularly. You could share your idea for a specific recurring column, or just put out general feelers to get the conversation started.

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