Improving Your Blog Menu! Offer Creamed Spinach In Addition to Prime-Rib

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Improving Your Blog Menu! - Offer Creamed Spinach In Addition to Prime-Rib - Beyond Your Blog By Stephanie D. Lewis

“Order up!” Yes, I used to be a waitress and more people ordered appetizers and soups/salads than the actual main course. I believe this is now true with blogs. According to my stats, more people are perusing my other menu items to sample my Side-Dishes (Those Other Pages at the top of my blog)) than are actually reading my Entrées (Actual posts that circulate in the Reader).

Improving Your Blog Menu! - Offer Creamed Spinach In Addition to Prime-Rib - Beyond Your Blog By Stephanie D. Lewis

Should you expand your menu? Yes!  And here are 3 reasons why!

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1.  It projects that you are more of a serious blogger/writer rather than just a fly by night, one trick pony.  You’re here to stay — you’re a legitimate restaurant owner rather than a food cart/truck.

2.  It gives people a motivation or reason to come visit your blog out of the blue. Yes, your regular blog posts go out on the Reader but “hmmmm, I wonder if Little Miss Menopause added a new dessert that’s not being advertised?”, I imagine my readers musing. Somehow I think I can lure people here with the prospect of a Hot Fudge topping.

3. It allows you to showcase your range, scope and versatility. People know I write tongue-in-cheek humor on my blog, cuz that’s my “brand.” But my varying Menu (at the top of my blog) let’s them see some other sides to me that rarely make their way into my posts. My novel, for instance.  And some serious short stories.

What Are Some Possible Delicious Menu Options? Here’s 10!

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1. About Page

Yes, yes….that old standby, like a steak.  But for heaven sake, don’t call it an “About Page!”  I call mine “Who’s Writing This Quirkiness?” but I’m thinking even that’s far too normal and mundane.  Don’t be afraid to show your personality by what you name your menu items. Anyhow, the bottom line is you should offer this!

2.  Reader Interaction Page

Snore….yes, I do call mine, “Who’s Reading This Quirkiness?”  But my followers really like the place to participate.  I think yours will too!  You can include whatever you please…my silly survey is just an ice-breaker.

3.  Another Talent

Why not have a page that features something you do or are passionate about?  Do you paint? Sing? Dance? Cook? Run? Sew? Garden? Meditate? Medicate? This should be a “Starring Me” type of page.  Since all I do is write, I have a heading with other places I’ve published (“Where’s Little Miss Menopause?“) and my “Novel” and short stories (“Fast Food Fiction”) with more stories going up soon. Do check back for butterscotch toppings!

4.  A Way to Hire You

Do you want to make money? Yes, you do.  Add a “Hire Me!” page.

5.  Rules or Facts About Your Blog

This could be where you specify your policies about comments or reblogging or copyright into. Maybe you want to outline a posting schedule.  I did a “FAQ About This Blog” page instead. But that’s because I dislike rules.  And also my “About Page” was so neurotically strange that it really didn’t disclose anything substantial about me so I did what any oddball would do — I asked my own questions and then systematically answered them myself. So yes, they ARE frequently asked. By me. Don’t knock this idea. Try interviewing yourself!  Who’s to know the difference?  Except you.  And you won’t tell.  Or will you, Sybil?

6. Photos

We’re visual. Even though we’re amazingly vivid writers, we can save ourselves a thousand words and post a picture!  I think that’s still what it’s worth these days. I’m making the non-inflation assumption because it’s still “a penny for your thoughts.”

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7. Requests

No, this doesn’t mean you’re now a D.J. Wouldn’t it be fun to take requests of what your readers want you to write about?  Okay, that may depend on your readers. But you could just have people leave you writing prompts.

8. Other Blogs You Love

This is a tricky one because you don’t want to show favoritism. I haven’t gotten brave enough to do this quite yet but I’ve seen it done beautifully.

9.  Contact Info

Yes, I AM saying you should make it easy for your readers to stalk you. Or you can chicken out and put 867-5309.  Who’s old enough to know that number?

10. This Menu Item Coming Soon!

See? Now YOU HAVE TO CHECK BACK HERE.  It could be an early-bird special!  It could include Caesar salad prepared table side!  Minus the anchovies, of course. Blech.

So?  What do you include on your navigational menu?  What do you LOVE seeing on other’s?

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