HuffPost Email Directory By Section

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HuffPost Email Directory By Section

If you are looking to pitch/submit to HuffPost, and you are not yet a HuffPost blogger, emailing a section directly with your submission is often your best bet. When I was unable to find a central source for this info, I decided to compile this list of section emails from publicly available information (mostly from HuffPost section pages, Twitter and Facebook posts, and social media About/Description pages).  I’ve also included Facebook and Twitter pages for each section where applicable.  I encourage you to watch social media feeds for those sections that interest you to see calls for submissions that may go out from time to time.

Trying to find contact information for HuffPost sections? Try this: Click To Tweet

Since editors change from time to time, check the Editorial Staff List maintained by Huffington Post for specific editor names. If an email doesn’t work, let us know and we can try to see if there is something more current available.  Please also note that HuffPost does offer a blog pitch form you can use to pitch content and ideas, however many bloggers and writers I have heard from, have had much better response via email.

HuffPost Email Directory By Section

A podcast interview I did with former HuffPost Parents Editor Emma Mustich suggested email pitches/submissions include everything you think the editor will need to reduce any potential back and forth including: your short bio, the text of your post in an email (not an attachment), a link to where it has already been published (if applicable), any relevant photos, your headshot and social media links.

Huff/Post 50: Facebook; SayItOnHuffPost50(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Arts & Culture: Twitter; Facebook; arts(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Black Voices: Twitter; Facebook; blackvoices(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Books: Twitter; books(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Business: Twitter; Facebook; business(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Canada: Twitter; canada(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Code: Twitter; Facebook; huffpostcode(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost College: Twitter; Facebook; college(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Comedy: Twitter; comedytips(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Crime: Twitter; Facebook

HuffPost Design: design(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Divorce: Twitter; Facebook; divorce(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Education: Twitter; Facebook; education(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Entertainment: TwitterFacebook; entertainment(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Financial Education: financialeducation(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Gay Voices: Facebook; gayvoices(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Global Motherhoodglobalmotherhood(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

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HuffPost Good News: Twitter; Facebook; goodnews(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost GPS For The Soul: Twitter; Facebook; GPS(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Green: Twitter; Facebook; green(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Latino VoicesFacebook; latinovoices(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Healthy Living: Twitter; healthyliving(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Home: Twitter

HuffPost Impact: Twitter; Facebook

HuffPost Lifestyle: Twitter; Facebook; lifestyle(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Live: Twitter; Facebook; david.flumenbaum(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Love Matters: lovematters(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Media: Twitter; media(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Moments Not Milestones: moments-not-milestones(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Money: Twitter; money(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Parents: Twitter; Facebook; parents(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

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HuffPost Politics: Twitter; Facebook; politics(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com & huffposthill(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Religion: Twitter; Facebook; religion(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Science: Twitter; Facebook; science(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Small Business: Twitter; Facebook; smallbusiness(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Sports: TwitterFacebook; sports(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Taste: Twitter; taste(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Tech: Twitter; Facebook; technology(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Teen: Twitter; Facebook; teen(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost The Third Metric: thirdmetric(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Travel: Twitter; travel(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost TV: Twitter

HuffPost UK: Twitter

HuffPost Voces (en espanol): Twitter; Facebook; voces(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Weddings: Twitter; Facebook; weddings(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

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HuffPost Weird News: Twitter; Facebook; buck.wolf(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

HuffPost Women: Twitter; Facebook; women(at)huffingtonpost(dot)com

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