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How-To Tips For Blog Buttons - on Beyond Your Blog

When I first started blogging, I kept seeing the phrase “grab my button” on different blogs. I had absolutely no idea what that meant, and it took me a while to figure the whole thing out. Have you wondered, also?

How-To Tips For Blog Buttons - Beyond Your Blog

A blog button is essentially an image or “badge” which links back to a website when it is clicked. Before the explosion of social media, bloggers commonly published blog buttons as a way of showing support for other websites. Although there are many ways of doing this now, a clickable blog button graphic can still be quite useful.

In order to make it easy to publish these images so they link back to the blog of origin, bloggers sometimes create a “grab my button” piece of code. This code appears in a box (“a grab box”) below the image. When the code in the box is copied and inserted into another blog, it creates the blog button image on that site.

Amy Lynn Andrews wrote a really informative post about blog buttons and how to create them: How to Make a Blog Button. (Oops – after reading this post, I’ve realized mine would be better if it had a call to action or an enticing title!)

When I made my button, I followed a different blog button creation tutorial (which has the same title as Amy’s) because it provides “how-to” instructions for Blogger instead of Word Press. That tutorial was published on the blog Teacher Blogging Basics. HTML seemed like Egyptian hieroglyphics to me at the time and I struggled, but finally I was successful! 

Use Blog Buttons to Show Readers Other Places Your Work Has Been Published.

Bloggers frequently guest post or have their content featured on other blogs. When we do, it is nice to have a way to direct our readers to find that content. Many of us either provide information about this in our sidebar, in a post, or on a separate page of our blog.
Our readers can easily view the sites where we have been published, featured, or mentioned when we provide a blog button for them to click. When they do, a little of our own traffic flows to the sites where we were recognized. This can be a really nice way for bloggers to say thank you for the opportunity or recognition provided by those sites.

Displaying other blogs’ buttons on our own websites can also improve credibility  – especially if that other site is well-known, respected, or has a lot of readers.

Where To Find Another Blogger’s Blog Button

If you want to publish another blogger’s button, you can often find it (with or without a grab box) published on their sidebar or in their footer. Or, a blogger may provide their button when they host a link-up; where they are promoting a product; on their media page; or on a separate “Grab my Button” page of their blog.

My blog button used to be available on my sidebar, but I recently did a little blog decluttering and removed it. It now appears on my “Grab My Button” page, easily located from my drop down menu under the About This Blog tab. 

How To Add Another Blogger’s Blog Button To Your Blog (Say that three times fast!)

I will use mine as an example.

Just copy the complete HTML code from the box below the image, and add the code to your blog as you would any other HTML code, where you want the button to appear. (Use whatever method your blog hosting platform provides for adding HTML code to your blog post, page or sidebar.)
Note that only part of the code is visible in the box, you must scroll through the box to view or grab all of it. Don’t just copy part of it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 9.04.13 AM

Tell others about your favorite blogs

If you want to inform your readers about any blog you love, one way to do so is to publish their blog button on your own website.

How to add another blogger’s button using a Blogger website

To add a blog button to a page or post:

  1. Click Create new post or go to Pages and click Create New Page
  2. Click: the HTML button (top left)
  3. Paste the code where it is desired in the post or page.
  4. Switch back to compose mode to be sure it looks correct
  5. Save post and publish.

To add a blog button to a sidebar or footer:

  1. First – back-up the blog!
  2. Go to Layout
  3. Click: Add a Gadget
  4. Select an HTML/JavaScript gadget
  5. Paste the code into the content box (add a title if you want)
  6. Click: Save.
  7. Drag the gadget to desired location in the layout.
  8. Click: “Save Arrangement” (Orange box at top right.)

To add a blog button without using HTML code: 

Alternately, you can just copy and paste the blog button image as long as you are sure to hyperlink the image so that it clicks back to the blog where it originated.

Instead of just copying and pasting, you may need to download the blog button image, then upload the image to your site as you would any other image, and link it back to the button owner’s site.

How to add another blogger’s button using a WordPress website

How do you use blog buttons and badges?

How-To Tips For Blog Buttons - on Beyond Your Blog

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