Get Paid To Write About Mental Health: 12 Publications To Pitch

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Get Paid To Write About Mental Health -12 Publications To Pitch

In 2015 we published an article called 18 Places To Publish Your Writing About Mental Health Topics. This article has been so popular, we decided to level up and focus on publications that publish writing on the topic of mental health AND pay.

Whether you like to write reported pieces, essays, informational pieces, or a combination, if your topic relates to mental health, we’ve got something on this list for you.


According to HealthyPlace Blog Editor Natasha Tracy, this site is the largest consumer mental health site, providing “information on mental health issues and medication both from a consumer and an expert point of view.” Publishing 10-15 articles on their blog each week, HealthyPlace is looking for content that “expresses a person’s experience with a mental health concern.” HealthyPlace seeks regular bloggers to commit to one year providing one post every other week and one video post per month. If you are interested in blogging on one of the specific mental health topics they are in need of, check out our interview with Blog Editor Natasha Tracy and read full submission guidelines here.  (Payment: discussed with applicants individually)

bp Magazine

“a lively and information-rich consumer magazine,” bpMagazine has a 50,000 quarterly circulation in North America and publishes both short (650-750) and long (1500-2500 words) features. If you’d like to query this publication, it is strongly encouraged that you purchase a copy and familiarize yourself with the publication. Long feature topics range from emotional coping, treatment issues, the history of bipolar manic depression, research, personalities, lifestyles and creating a more stress-free pattern of living with bipolar disorder. Short features may cover interviews with those living with bipolar; food and nutrition; healthy living; spirituality; parenting with childhood depression; exercise, wellness, etc. Full guidelines can be found here(Payment: Fees are negotiated on a per-story basis, based on length, experience, complexity, etc.)

esperanza (

esperanza has a 50,000 quarterly circulation and an editorial objective “to serve as a guide for those with depression and/or anxiety who want to live healthier, more balanced lives.” Publishing both long and short features, esperanza looks for articles that are useful and relatable and personally meaningful to readers. Educational articles are also in demand with an emphasis on including resources and comments from experts and those living with depression and/or anxiety. Full guidelines can be found here(Payment: Fees are negotiated on a per-story basis, based on length, experience, complexity, etc.)


Headspace is that really cool meditation app you might have heard of. But did you know they have an accompanying blog called Orange Dot? When we interviewed Managing Editor, Kelton Wright, she shared with us some of the topics they like to cover including “mind science, mental health, and meditation studies, as well as stories on interesting ways meditation has improved people’s lives. In addition to regular blog features, Headspace launched A Day With Mental Health Series that will be running will be running through 2018. This series will include one published essay for each diagnosis, and there are still some areas they are looking to fill (as of June 2017). If someone wants to be a part of the series, they should email the diagnosis they’d like to write about to with “ADW” in the subject line. Be sure to read this interview for details on pitching non-series pieces Headspace. (Payment: approximately $300 for fully reported pieces, $200 for reported pieces with a personal arc, and $150 for personal essays)

OC87 Recovery Diaries

An extension of OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie, OC87 Recovery Diaries is “a place to share your mental health recovery story to inspire and connect you with others who might learn from your experience.” If you have a story to share, you can read full submission guidelines here. (Payment: $250 honorarium for accepted posts)

Psychology Today

With opportunities to write for the blog or magazine, Psychology Today has been around since 1967! Psychology Today looks for pitches that fit into their “health magazine for the mind.” Specifically, they are looking for “good, clearly articulated feature ideas–and writers with talent to bring these ideas to life. Nearly any subject related to psychology is fair game.” Note that if you become part of their blogger network, you will most likely be posting regularly on a specific subject, however, bloggers are not typically paid, unlike those who are published in the magazine. Read full submission guidelines here. (Payment: payment for bloggers is based on page views and requires a minimum threshold to be met; magazine rates are unpublished)

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While most ADDitude articles are written by journalists and mental-health professionals, they are happy to receive first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. with personal experience with ADHD or LD. Read full submission guidelines here. (Payment: Although magazine rates are unpublished, one report from reported a rate of .22/word in 2017. They discuss rates individually if they respond to a pitch, and they do pay kill fees when applicable.)

Our Stories of Strength

Our Stories of Strength plans to release a series of anthologies with release dates to be announced. OSoS is “publishing stories of strength, perseverance & hope while living with a chronic and often invisible illness(es).” Several book topic call for submissions fall into the Mental and Emotional Health category including alcoholism, anxiety, depression, surviving infant loss, surviving miscarriage, and surviving suicide. Our Stories of Strength considers first person stories, second person stories, poetry and art, and must be “non-fiction, or a true story, reflective of the mission to rise above the diagnosis and embrace living passionately and purposefully.” For potential mental health book topics, click here. Read full submission guidelines here. (Payment: “All pieces accepted for publication will be offered three payment choices. The first is a $25 (USD) monetary payment made via check or through a digital payment system such as PayPal, the second option is for one copy of the book (retail value of $19.99 each) in lieu of a monetary payment, and the third is a donation to the non-profit organization receiving donations from the proceeds of the book. Options for payment will be included with contract terms.”)


The self described ‘endgame in intersectional feminism’, Ravishly publishes a variety of content for a female audience including Bodies, Families, and Sex+Love topics.  Ravishly‘s Minds section includes a wide range of mental health focused content. Keep in mind that Ravishly will typically run an unpaid trial piece before putting you on contract to write for them on a paid basis regularly. If you are interested in writing for Ravishly, check out our interview with Editor-in-Chief Joni Edelman, and read full submission guidelines here. (Payment: based on experience; typically $50-$125)

Writing Improvement Software

The Establishment

Have you checked out the Brain + Body section on The Establishment yet? You’ll find lots of mental health pieces here that fit the tone and voice of The Establishment. They “love pitches that feature original reporting and research. Personal essays are also in our wheelhouse, but please make sure these will resonate not just with those who know you, but with a diverse readership — take us from the “I” to the universal.” If you are interested in writing for The Establishment, check out our interview with Editor-in-Chief Nikki Gloudeman, and read full submission guidelines here(Payment:$125 for feature stories, op-eds, and personal essays (800–1,500 words), and $500 for a select few long-form investigative pieces that involve original reporting and at least five interviews (3,000 words))

Tonic (from Vice)

Tonic is a Vice property website and digital video channel that covers wellness, science and big-picture health issues. Check out their Mental Health section to read the types of articles they have been publishing since launching in late 2016. Tonic’s About page directs writers to send pitches to (Payment: Although magazine rates are unpublished, one report from reported a rate of .25/word in 2017.)


Formerly branded as an site, Verywell is now a Dotdash site, and would like you to think of them “as your friend who also happens to be a doctor. Or personal trainer. Or dietitian. Verywell is your source for reliable, understandable information on hundreds of health and wellness topics that always keeps the reasons you come to us in mind.” With the tagline “Know more, Feel better.”, Verywell includes a Mental Health section that covers a variety of topics. They are looking for “experienced, qualified online freelance writers who share in our mission to provide health and wellness content that is not only reliable, but that leaves readers feeling educated, empowered, and understood.” Per the ‘Write For Us’ blurb on their About page, you can email their team if you are interested in writing for them. (Payment: rates are unpublished)

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