Favorite Site To Submit Writing To? 14 Recommendations From Bloggers

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Favorite Site To Submit Writing To? 14 Recommendations From Bloggers - Beyond Your Blog

Each week in the Beyond Your Blog Newsletter I showcase a blogger and their recommendation for a site to submit writing to.  We’ve gathered quite a few great recommendations since I started this segment and I am sharing them with you here for those who may have missed them.

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Favorite Site To Submit Writing To? 14 Recommendations From Bloggers - Beyond Your Blog

Larissa blogs at Mommikin, a website for inspiring creative moms, both professionally and personally. Larissa recommends The Rumpus because “… it’s such an interesting collection of writing, points of view, and often digs a little deeper intellectually.”  Find out more about submitting to The Rumpus HERE.

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Jessica blogs at Motherhood, Marriage, Self Blog, where she blogs about all things motherhood/marriage-related, in all the heartbreak and hilarity.  Jessica tries to be honest, authentic and accepting as she believes we are all in this thing together.  Jessica recommends submitting to BonBon Break, “as they have clear and open-ended submission topics posted regularly, plus they are super nice and get back quickly” on acceptances.  Write for BonBon Break

Robin blogs at Dear Jalen, a non-fiction serial blogumentary of letters from a mother to her daughter.  Robin is new to blogging and submitting her writing.  She recommends submitting to the various New York Times blogs and encourages fellow bloggers to dream big!

Stacey blogs at Are You Kidding Me?, based on her suburban family and everyday life.  Stacey writes about parenting and daily frustrations like her dislike of laundry, the DMV, and being middle-aged. Stacey’s new book Are You Kidding Me? recently hit #1 on Amazon.com’s best seller list for Humor/Parenting & Families, and Motherhood! Stacey recommends Midlife Boulevard as a great submission-based site. It’s her favorite place to submit and she notes that they publish fifteen articles each week on topics including life, style, health, and the business of blogging, focusing on women over 40.  Submit a guest post to Midlife Boulevard

Joy blogs at Catharsis, featuring “the musings of a former academic and self-proclaimed over-analyzer on life as a mother and migrant, filled with angst and insanities from the mundane”. Joy Page recommends Mamalode as a great submission-based site to read, and hopes to be featured on the site one day herself, saying ‘Their essays are always well-written and have the depth that I consistently enjoy.” Submit a guest post to Mamalode

Jeanine blogs at Jsack Mom in a never-ending quest to write about the crazy, wild world she lives in. Jeanine recommends Original Bunker Punks as a great place to submit writing because there is “no limitation of theme or length of submission”, and she loves reading all the different blogs and variety of writing styles. Submit a guest post to Original Bunker Punks

Lisa blogs at The Golden Spoons about the joys, frustrations, chaos and laughter of mothering three daughters. Lisa recommends Scary Mommy as a great place to submit writing because they get back to you in a timely manner whether or not they accept your piece, and “They have a large reach in mommyland!”. (P.S. they just started paying writers!) Submit a guest post to Scary Mommy

Ginger is a wife, mom of three boys, and survivor of a broken heart and shares her story of healing, hope, and learning to love again at Just One of the Boys. Ginger recommends Money Saving Mom, as a great place to submit writing because of the many topics it covers and its large reach. The mission of this site is to help readers find money-saving coupons and deals, “encourage you to wisely steward your time and resources, and challenge you to live your life with intention and purpose.” Submit a guest post to Money Saving Mom

Jocelyn blogs at O Mighty Crisis, where she pours words so that her skull doesn’t explode from trying to hold them all. Jocelyn also recommends Mamalode, as a great place to submit writing AND to visit as a reader. “The essays there run the gamut from reflective to light-hearted, but always they tell the writer’s truth in a powerful way. I also really respect that they’ve found a model that allows writers the promise of payment, if enough people read their work. Finally, I love that the editors at Mamalode are quick, in terms of getting back to writers with acceptances, and they are helpful and reliable, in terms of communication about publication dates.” Learn more about writing for Mamalode.

Jill blogs at Totally Inappropriate Mom, a life-uncensored, did-I-just-say-that-out-loud type of blog where laughter, honesty and filterless-ism reign supreme.  Jill recommends BLUNTmoms, as a site that “provides an honest look at parenting and all of its facets from the nitty-gritty perspective.”  Learn more about writing for BLUNTmoms.

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Jill blogs at The Jillist, where lighthearted, yet informative wellness and lifestyle listicles help moms lose their sh!$ and get it together…all at the same time. (By the way, The Jillist accepts submissions!) Jill recommends Reductress, for its “completely offbeat, original, and satirical take on women centric news” Interested in writing for Reductress?Email intern@reductress.com for more information on how to pitch your ideas.

Kimberly blogs at My Mothers Footprints, where she writes about all things near and dear… marriage, family, faith, personal growth, and addiction. Kimberly recommends Ten To Twenty Parenting, because they are quick to respond and willing to work with moms who enjoy writing about teens and tweens.  Want to contribute?  Click Here.

Jacqui blogs at Mrs. Muffin Top, a site about comedy in real life, that also accepts  submissions! Jacqui’s recommendation for a great site to work with for submitting writing is Modern Mom (celebrity Brooke Burke is the CEO!).  ModernMom is a trusted resource and online community for the “Woman Behind the Mom,” with practical tips, advice, videos and information on parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts and more.  Jacqui loves working with them because “They are fast, responsive, and SO nice.  It’s a great site!” Interested contributors can send an email to Jenn Moore including a sample post and topic ideas

Jennifer blogs at Mom Babble, a site about real moms making sense of the nonsense. Jennifer’s recommendation for a great submission website is What The Flicka? “They’re a big blog, but writer-friendly and easily accessible, which I appreciate!” Apply to be a contributor here.

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