Expanding Beyond Your Blog – Bloggers Share Goals For The New Year

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Expanding Beyond Your Blog - Bloggers Share Goals For The New Year

Do you have a goal for your blog?  Better yet, do you have a goal for yourself as a blogger? Something that will help you reach beyond your own personal blog?

Bloggers from the Beyond Your Bloggers Facebook Group share some of their goals for expanding beyond their blog this year.  Share your goals in the comments.  We’d love to hear them!

Expanding Beyond Your Blog - Bloggers Share Goals For The New Year

“I will focus specifically on those sites that fit my writing, but stretch for a “big fish” every once in a while. I will also continue to seek out anthology opportunities. I submitted to the PPD anthology for the HerStories project. I also plan on submitting to the “It’s Really Ten Months” Anthology. “ — Jenny of In Other Words

“I want to vlog once a week. I want to commit to that. I’ve done it before with good content results BUT the sound is grainy and the picture is dull/yellow/distant. I’d like to learn what I need for a bright picture and sound that isn’t muffled. I love vlogs and would like a vlog file of my work.” — Alexandra of Good Day, Regular People

“I’d love to win another comedy blog award. Being able to consistently refer to your site as “award-winning” seems to make a difference. People take you more seriously, or something.” — Sarah of est. 1975

“I am also going to explore more blog swapping with dear friends in the writing community, to help us both get new sets of eyeballs on our work.” — Brooke of Miss Teen USSR

“I would like to get published somewhere I’ve never been published before– McSweeney’s, Brain, Child Magazine, The NYT Motherlode or Modern Love— that would be one of the most satisfying accomplishments.” — Stephanie of Mommy, For Real

“Repeat pieces at Mamalode. I don’t want to work my way around all the sites, notching my writer’s belt. It’s a site I love and I want to commit to writing to a few places and play active roles in their community. Sharing the other work featured. Ultimately if I help build their readership, that benefits both of us.” — Cordelia of Multilingual Mama

“To share and write stories that make a difference this might be writing a personal essay about something I have learned and sharing it on my blog, writing about an important topic and publishing it on an important platform where it can be widely read and make a difference, or maybe even inspiring others to share their stories too. Words have so much power, and they can be important and funny and life changing. “ — Suzanne of Special Needs Mom

“WORK ON MY BOOK! I’ve got the bones and a few internal organs of a book that I hope will be a first in a series, underway.” — Carisa of CarisaMiller.com

“Increase networking with other writers and publishers. By doing this, I believe that I will learn more about the business of blogging, while sharpening my skills as an interest piece writer.” — Mary Katherine of Mom Babble

“Attend a conference = I feel irrationally jealous of people that attend conferences and get to meet their online friends. I think in person contact matters and it would put me way outside of my comfort zone.” — Kaly of KalySullivan.com

“I would really like to write sponsored posts. I want to share with my readers things that have helped me and things I think would make their lives easier. “ — Tarynn of Mama By Fire

“Create more ways to encourage a conversation on and off the blog (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms) I want the conversation to continue long after my readers leave my blog.” — Nancy of Afro-Chic Mompreneur

“I am, like most people, shy to share what I want to accomplish with my writing as if it doesn’t happen I don’t want to be accountable (!), BUT I want to set my heights high.  There are some publications I have adored for years, but have always been intimidated by.  In 2015, I am challenging myself to at least try them.  I want to submit to these big places and see what happens.” — Allison of Go Dansker Mom

“Well my first goal would be to continue on the path that I have been on. I would like to keep appearing on HuffPost and build up my audience there and be open to any opportunities that come my way. For too long I would stop myself when I felt as if I was succeeding, now I’m in a place where I want to take my writing and blogging to wherever it will take me.” — Kathy of My Dishwasher’s Possessed

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