Editors (Who Are Also Authors) Offer Book Publishing Advice

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Editors Who Are Also Authors Offer Book Publishing Advice - Beyond Your Blog

We often think of our editors as proofreaders, content curators, and mentors. Sometimes we forget that editors are almost always writers too! Whether they have had books published or have a long list of magazine bylines to their credit, our editors are almost always writers just like we are.

This article spotlights three editors/authors and their books, along with their best publishing advice just for us!

Editors Who Are Also Authors Offer Book Publishing Advice - Beyond Your Blog FB

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Rita Arens – Managing Editor, BlogHer/SheKnows Media

Rita’s Publishing Advice: ‘Whether you become ridiculously famous and rich from your publication or sell five copies to your friends and family, you should not change as a person from this experience. Publishing a book feels amazing, but it won’t complete your life. Don’t put that kind of pressure on it. If you do, you’ll never be able to do it again. Realize that each book is a part of your overall body of work, your career as an author, and that every career has ups and downs and learning moments. Proceed accordingly.’

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Rita’s Books:

The Obvious Game (InkSpell Publishing, 2013) – Fifteen-year-old Diana Keller accidentally begins teaching The Obvious Game to new kid Jesse on his sixteenth birthday. As their relationship deepens, Diana avoids Jesse’s past with her own secrets — which she’ll protect at any cost. This journey into the psychology of anorexia is a must-read, called “Lovely, evocative, painful and joyful … much like high school” by bestselling author Jenny Lawson of LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED and FURIOUSLY HAPPY.

Sleep Is For The Weak (Chicago Review Press, 2008) – A collection of hilarious and thought-provoking essays on parenting from the original parenting bloggers, including Amalah, Finslippy, Mom-101 and many more.


Julianne Palumbo – Editor-in Chief, Mothers Always Write

Julianne’s Publishing Advice: “There were two very important steps that proved to be the turning point in getting my poetry books published. The first was getting to the point where I knew the manuscript I was offering was of publishable quality. This involved reading many other poetry chapbooks and then, when I thought the manuscript was ready, hiring an editor with specific knowledge of the field to critique it. While her critique was difficult to hear at first, it caused me to buckle down, really analyze what she was saying, and revise my poetry book to make it of publishable quality. Even though I didn’t agree with her at first, I chose to trust that she knew the industry and to trust that her advice was worth following.

Once I had confidence that the manuscript was ready, the other important link was understanding the market. It was necessary to study the relevant publishers, to know what they had published in the past, and to identify what types of books might be missing from their listings. Then I targeted only publishers who were likely to be interested in the type of book I was offering. For example, I found two popular poetry books publishers, both of whom were moms so I knew they would relate to the poems about motherhood. Neither publisher had offered a poetry book about motherhood in their recent books lists. Part of this was being able to define what my book was and what was different about it in a succinct statement–my elevator pitch. I had to know what exactly it was that my book uniquely offered in order to be able to pitch it. Once I focused my submissions this way, my books were picked up right away.”
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Julianne’s Book:

Announcing The Thaw (Finishing Line Press, 2014) – Announcing the Thaw is a poetry chapbook about raising children in which their growing up is both celebrated and mourned. The progression of poems reflects the poet’s struggle to replace that precious act of raising now-grown children with something equally worthy.

Julie Zantopolous – Former Editor-In-Chief Indie Chick Magazine and Writer’s Resource at JulieZantopoulos.com

Julie’s Publishing Advice: “The hardest part of the entire self-publishing process, for me, has been marketing the book. I’m not a born salesman and even with a large following of invested women (aka a built-in market for my book) sales are tricky. I suggest that you spend some time on the build up before the launch of your book, plan a virtual book tour (bloggers who get early copies of your book to read and review) for launch week, and map out some giveaways.

Giveaways are a great way to get comments, reviews, and spread word of mouth on your book. Give away Kindle (or digital) copies to people who post about your book on Facebook, comment on Facebook, or otherwise share your book on social media (the specifics are up to you). This is the best piece of advice I have for you other than making sure you pick the right category to list your book under. Get used to asking friends for favors and placing yourself on people’s timelines to help boost some sales. It’s okay to be a bit pushy to support your dreams!”

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Julie’s Book:

Shoot Down the Wendy Bird: A Collection of Short Stories & Poetry (Julie Zantopoulos, 2016) – This collection of short stories will take you on a journey, touching on heartache, joy, loss, and love. Spanning from childhood to old age, the characters in this book all have one thing in common, an overwhelming desire to find happiness and live an empowered life.

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Editors Who Are Also Authors Offer Book Publishing Advice - Beyond Your Blog

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