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Editor Q&A with My Itchy Travel Feet P

Editor Q&A with My Itchy Travel Feet

Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner My Itchy Travel Feet Assistant Editor, Nicole Jewell. Nicole gives us details about the specific types of travel posts they publish, payment for writers, what to include in a pitch, when you’ll hear back from her after you submit, and more!

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Q: Tell us about My Itchy Travel Feet and the content you publish.

A: My Itchy Travel Feet is a travel blog geared to active baby boomers who are passionate about travel and adventure. The founder of the site, Donna Hull, travels the world with her photographer husband, Alan. Together, they put together amazing narrative accounts of their adventures. We also work with guest writers on a regular basis.


Nicole Jewell, Assistant Editor My Itchy Travel Feet

Q: We know your demographic includes Baby Boomers. Is there anything else you can tell us about your readers so potential contributors know who they will be writing for?

A: Well, we do focus on our baby boomer audience, but we try to stay away from clichéd content as much as possible. We’re not looking to bombard readers with age-related topics. Rather, we try and relate interesting, first-hand travel stories that will resonate with an adult crowd. This means that we don’t run a lot of budget-minded topics or “Best Hostels in…”-type stories.


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Q: Your writing guidelines appear to encourage pitches over completed pieces. Will you accept either?  

A: We prefer that potential writers pitch a topic first. That way, if we like it, we can give further details about what we’re looking for. Our guest articles really need to be written for our specific audience, not general travel essays.

Q: What are you looking for in a pitch?Print

A: Since we only work with first-hand travel stories, we want a pitch that shows that you have been to the destination. A good pitch is a detailed one with a short, specific summary of what is going to go into the article.

What we don’t want are pitches about generic travel lists or “Best of” articles.

Q: Is there a particular format you prefer?

A: We only want articles written from personal experiences. Additionally, every article must be accompanied by at least three large, Hi-Res jpeg photos. If you don’t have photos to go along with the article, we most likely won’t publish it.

Q: Full editorial guidelines can be found here, and state that you don’t take reprints. For the original submissions you do accept, what topics might be of extra interest to you right now.

A: We are always looking to add new destinations to our content. So, my advice for a writer sending in a pitch would be to go through the site and look for what we already have. I’m not saying that we don’t repeat destinations, but adding a new travel location to the site would give you a good chance of being published, provided that the writing is decent.

Q: Can you provide links to a few articles that potential contributors can look to as great examples of My Itchy Travel Feet home runs?

A: Take a Wales Road Trip through Green Landscapes and Historic Castles and Exploring Cajun Country

Q: What is the usual timeframe for writers to expect before they hear back from you with a yes or no?

A: I always respond to emails from potential collaborators, so they’ll definitely hear back. I would say give us a few days, or a week at the most.

Q: You do pay for accepted work. What can you tell us about rates?

A: We pay $30 per article, via Paypal.

Q: Where are you headquartered? Do you accept work from international writers?

A: Donna is located in Montana and I’m in Madrid, Spain. We don’t mind working with international writers, but I should point out that we only publish in English.

Q: Your guidelines mention that you appreciate social shares from writers once articles go live. Are there any specific platforms you have a preference for?

A: We really appreciate it when guest writers promote their My Itchy Travel Feet articles on their own social media accounts. We’ve also found that promoting guest articles on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts is really popular with our boomer audience. Additionally, we’re happy to reshare writers’ posts and also tag their social media accounts from our own. We have some fairly active social media accounts, so the more, the merrier!

Q: What’s next for My Itchy Travel Feet?

A: Besides traveling, Donna is creating a series of grayscale adult coloring books (Coloring Glacier National Park and Coloring the West) based on her and Alan’s travel photos. Coloring the World’s Wildlife is her latest release. She’s also working on the second in a series of road trip eguides. This one will be on road tripping in southern Utah. New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure was her first eguide.

Visit My Itchy Travel Feet and view contributor guidelines

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