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EDITOR QA with Kind Over Matter P

EDITOR QA with Kind Over Matter

Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner Kind Over Matter Editor-In-Chief, Lara Heacock. Lara tells us about her publication, how your post will be promoted, the topics in which she’d like to feature more guest posts, opportunities for poets, and more!

Q: “Kind Over Matter is a place that is filled with kindness, inspiration, creativity, truth, gentleness & love.” Oooh! Tell us more about your publication.

A: Kind Over Matter strives to inspire readers to bring kindness into all parts of life, starting with self-kindness. Our articles are real, honest and vulnerable. They help readers understand that they’re not alone, build confidence and treat themselves with kindness so that they can share kindness with the world. KOM writers come from all over the world and all walks of life. You’ll find articles on everything from self-care and confidence to parenting to crafts and gardening! Each writer’s unique perspective touches the reader in a different way.

headshot2Q: How many pieces are you publishing each week?

A: You can usually find at least 3 new blog posts per week! I start off every week with my Monday Motivator series, and feature guest posts from a mix of regular and 1-time writers throughout the rest of the week.


Q: Walk us through the submissions process for your site.

A: Our submission process is super simple, and detailed here. Writers always hear back within a week,and usually in 2 days or less!

Q: What are some of your readers’ favorite pieces that potential contributors can read to get a feel for what really stands out on the site?

A: These are 2 of my favorite recent guest posts:

Yes, I’m unattached – Laura Summers

40 Fabulous Things for Me – Taralee O’malley-Hurff

We also have a Poetry Corner that features some incredible poets.

Q: Tell us a little about each of the categories submissions should fall under.

A: We have 6 guest post categories: Kind Kindred, Love for Love, Laughter Lover, Poetry Corner, KOM Bombs and Kindness in Business.

Kind Kindred is definitely the most popular, and features heart-felt personal development stories, body love and even some fun creative projects. My personal faves are Love for Love, which features what we like to think of as ‘fierce love’ where folks display their kind activism, and Kindness in Business, which shows us all that you don’t have to be a meanie to be in biz! I’d love to feature more folks in Laughter Lover and Poetry Corner.

Q: What benefits do you offer to writers?

A: While KOM writers aren’t paid, your post will go out to our weekly RSS list and will be promoted on our FB page & on Twitter! We support our guest writers and love to share their work.

Q: Do you accept previously published work?

A: KOM loves to feature original work.

Q: Where is your headquarters, and do you accept work from international writers?

A: We are headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and LOVE featuring international writers. Each post goes live at midnight Eastern time and is promoted on FB & Twitter around 8 AM Eastern time.

Q: You offer regular positions to writers who are interested. Tell us how that process works.

A: Our regular writers are a gift! If you’re feeling called to write more than a 1-time post, simply mention that in your inquiry. We’re happy to work with you and offer a monthly or quarterly slot, or whatever frequency works for you.

Q: You offer both coaching services as well as other products and services on your site. Tell us about those.

A: I am both an Executive Life Coach & Editor in Chief of Kind Over Matter and currently offer 2 digital products:

  1. Breathe, Acknowledge, Release which is a short eCourse that teaches some great stress management techniques.
  2. The Self-Kindness Starter Kit which takes the foundational work I’ve done for years with one-on-one clients, and puts it into a self-guided workbook to help you manage your inner critic, start setting boundaries and learn to say no kindly.

I also do one on one work based in self-kindness, in a few life areas: confidence, balance, getting unstuck and career transitions (fun fact – I was a professional recruiter for over a decade before becoming a certified life coach!). I’ll be taking on new clients in March, and welcome you to drop me a line anytime at Lara@KindOverMatter.com

Q: What’s next for Kind Over Matter?

A: I’m on a mission to take the message of self-kindness to the world, so if you have a group that needs to hear it, let’s talk. I love speaking in-person to Philadelphia area groups, or online to groups anywhere. Life gets so much better when you’re kind to yourself.

Visit Kind Over Matter and view contributor guidelines

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