Editor Q&A with Amy Morrison of Pregnant Chicken

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Editor Q&A with Amy Morrison of Pregnant Chicken

EDITOR QA Pregnant Chicken


Please welcome to the Editor’s Q&A corner Pregnant Chicken Founder, Amy Morrison. Amy talks to us about the qualities they want to see in submissions, what their readers love, response time, payment for writers and more!

Q: Tell us about Pregnant Chicken and the types of articles you publish.

A: Pregnant Chicken is an engaging online resource for expectant and new parents featuring advice, information, and tips to help keep your pregnancy fun. We’re always looking for funny or emotionally relatable posts about pregnancy and being a new parent.

Pregnant Chicken Founder, Amy Morrison

Pregnant Chicken Founder, Amy Morrison

Q: We know your demographic includes moms. What else should potential contributors know about your readers?

A: They are tired of the finger wagging and the ‘must have’ lists that many other pregnancy sites provide. They love knowing that they aren’t alone when they can’t get their baby to sleep or that it’s okay to have cereal for dinner (again)

Q: Your contributor guidelines indicate that you will consider previously published work. Any rules around that?

A: We’re happy to accept posts that have been on your site, but we avoid posts that have been published on other parenting sites.

Q: What qualities are you looking for in a great submission?

A: We’re always on the hunt for honest, non-judgemental posts. We try to pick posts that sound like a conversation between best friends. I love post that makes me think, “yes, me too!”

Q: What formats tend to do well on your site? 

A: Lists are nice and easy to read, so they always do well. Humor and positive posts (even when it’s a positive take on a negative situation) also tend to do well.

Q: Can you tell us any specific topics that would be very welcome should they come into your inbox?

A: That’s a tough one. For me, it’s all about the tone. I’ve turned down posts that, on paper, should have been a no brainer but the tone was off. I won’t accept anything that makes a new or expectant mom feel shitty or guilty.

Q: Any topics that are totally played out and you never want to read again?

A: Yes, ‘Top things you should never say to a pregnant woman’ and ‘Top things they never told you about birth, newborn, pregnancy,’ etc. They’ve been done often and really well so it would have to been pretty unique and outstanding to knock our socks off at this point.

Q: Can you share a few articles that potential contributors can look to as great examples of Pregnant Chicken favorites?
A: You bet.

Q: What is the usual timeframe someone can expect before they hear back from you with a yes or no on their submission? 

A: You will always hear back from us with a yes or a no within two weeks. You can find out the details on our contribute page

Q: You pay for accepted work. What can you tell us about rates?

A: We compensate $50 for each accepted post.

Q: Where are you headquartered? Do you accept work from international writers?

A: I am located in Toronto Canada but most of our readers are in the U.S. We accept writers from anywhere on the planet.

Q: What’s next for Pregnant Chicken

A: We just launched our Pregnancy Resource Guide in the hopes of making the overwhelming world of pregnancy a little less freaky and we’ve in the process of updating our Pregnancy Calendar to make it better and longer (insert crude joke here).

Visit Pregnant Chicken and view contributor guidelines

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