Dude, Editors Are Everywhere

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Dude, Editors Are Everywhere - Mind Your Facebook Manners Because Editors at the sites you want to be published on are watching

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I start a lot of sentences with ‘Dude’. Maybe it’s an attempt to appear younger, or maybe it was just watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure one too many times. Anyway, I’m here with a little public service announcement for you today, because…

Dude, editors are everywhere!

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Dude,  Editors Are Everywhere - Mind Your Facebook Manners Because Editors at the sites you want to be published on are watching

I’m specifically talking about Facebook here.

When you’re in a big Facebook group complaining about how long it’s taking for a specific site to get back to you on that submission…

When you’re in a small secret Facebook group talking smack about the post a certain site just published that you are not a fan of…

When you post a status update to your personal Facebook page about how a certain site turned down your submission and how you don’t understand why…

Editors from those sites are reading your comments (Many editors are also bloggers and they are not quarantined in editor-only groups and threads), AND/OR

Friends of editors from those sites are reading your comments, AND/OR

Bloggers who have been published on those sites and talk to editors regularly are reading your comments

Threads and comments with a website name in them tend to find their way back to the owner. If you’re thinking of saying something directly or indirectly unflattering about a site and are ever hoping to be published there, you may want to think twice. If you have already been published somewhere and let any derogatory comments fly on social media, you may find your future submissions are not received well.

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I know of a recent instance where a well-known site was about to invite someone to be a contributor, only to see her participate in an ugly thread bashing a post they ran. I’m not talking about a lively and respectful debate about a post they ran, I’m talking smack talk about the site itself.  Needless to say, she was not invited — and dude, they are a paying site!

Some of us have already said stupid stuff on Facebook that we wish we could unsay, so learn from it and remember that it could backfire on you and your blog/business.

Mind your manners on Facebook and party on dude.

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