Did These 9 Writers Get Published On Their Target Publications From A Year Ago?

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Did These 9 Writers Get Published On Their Target Publications From A Year Ago?

Did These 9 Writers Get Published On Their Target Publications From A Year Ago?

In March of 2016 Beyond Your Blog asked 12 bloggers to share the publications they hoped to be published in for the coming year. You can read about their target publication goals here.

In this article we are checking back in with nine of them a year later to see if they were successful, or whether they changed direction.

MKP_2231-2925555779-OMelissa of Mommy Musings was targeting The Huffington Post, New York Times’ Well Family, and Brain, Child in 2016.

UPDATE: “Unfortunately, requirements from my primary job forced my blogging to take a back seat this year, and I have only written a handful of articles. While I did have three stories published on Grown & Flown and Parent.co, I didn’t feel they were the best fit for the publications I had wanted to target last year, so I never had an opportunity to pitch to any of those sites. My limited writing the past year has been emotionally fueled, so I have just gone with the inspiration when it arises, and when time permits to put that emotion to paper. I would still love to be published by those sites one day… perhaps when life slows down and allows me to focus more on writing.”

Scarlett of That Mom Hustle was targeting Scary Mommy,BonBon Break, and Hearst magazines like Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, Redbook or Marie Claire in 2016.IS6A6616

UPDATE:Wow, a year certainly goes fast! Last March I was working towards getting published on larger websites. And I did
achieve that! I became a regular (paid) contributor to Urbanmoms.ca. I also was published on Being Boss and About.com. But I also started writing for an SEO company as a side hustle, and lost some momentum submitting to some of the larger publications I was originally targeting. When the Mix shut down, I abandoned trying to submit to some of the Hearst publications under it’s umbrella.

In 2016 I struggled with balancing building a brand and submitting to other publications, and then also getting paid to write regularly. My goal this year is to steer the boat straight, and continue to write for some regular gigs, but also build my personal brand, and continue to publish my own content, including the book I am writing. I have rebranded my blog That Mom Hustle , and my brand mission is to provide insight and resources to other independent Mompreneurs that are side hustling while trying to achieving their best work-life-family-balance.

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IMG_0174Anne of AnneBardsley.com was targeting Good Housekeeping, AARP, Purple Clover, and Washington Post in 2016.

UPDATE: “I have been focused on writing Angel Bumps…Evidence of love From Beyond. It’s sixty stories about people who have gotten signs from a loved one who has passed. I just got it finished and ready to send to the publisher. I was working full time, but now have gone part time and have more time to focus on writing. I’ve been waking at 4 am to write and by noon I need a nap! Morning seems to be my quietest time without interruption.”

Anne did have success with two articles being accepted by Purple Clover. She also published on Grand Magazine in 2016 and submitted to both Good Housekeeping (via The Mix).

Caryn of Journey to Napa was targeting Brain, Child and Coffee + Crumbs in 2016.headshot-2

UPDATE: “My two goal publications for 2016 were Brain, Child Magazine and Coffee + Crumbs. For Brain, Child, I submitted
twice, but was rejected both times. I was disappointed, but I hold this publication in such esteem that it remains a goal. And luckily both rejected pieces found a home somewhere else, so all is never lost! One thing worth noting is that both times I submitted to Brain, Child were in response to a themed call for submissions. I was trying to write an essay to fit the theme instead of writing an organic piece of personal reflection and experience. I have found my writing is always weaker when it isn’t an idea that naturally came to me. My strategy moving forward — at Brain, Child or anywhere else — is to write the piece first and think about placement later.

As for Coffee + Crumbs, I never ended up submitting, though I read every single blog that is posted on the site! It is still one of my favorite collections of voices. I honestly think I was intimidated to submit my work there and I never felt I had the “right” one. But I have an essay I am putting the finishing touches on and I think it’s the right style for Coffee + Crumbs.

Despite not meeting these goals, I am still very proud of the progress I have made this year. I had pieces published on Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, Tribe Magazine, Grown and Flown, a local magazine, and right here on Beyond Your Blog! I will also have an essay in the upcoming anthology Multiples Illuminated: Life With Twins and Triples, The Toddler to Tween Years. I’m so grateful for the opportunity these sites and others provide for writers like us to share our words and our stories, and I look forward to continuing to push myself in 2017!”

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Kathleen of Sunrise County Stories was targeting Reader’s Digest, Redbook, and Scary Mommy in 2016.

UPDATE: “When The Huffington Post and The Mighty came knocking, I focused my prose there. Several pieces fared well and others not so. I am waiting to hear about the dozens of articles/stories I have submitted to Chicken Soup, Psychology Today, Woman’s World and so on. I am pleased to say that a few essays were magazine bound and that I average 1 in 5 on my 11811369_1027963987238210_2172149414303748602_nacceptance scale. Here are a few links to pieces that I particularly am fond of: The Truth About Pit Bulls, You Are My Sunshine, and Lessons From John Lennon and His Song, “Cold Turkey”.

Recently I have changed my genre to a category that seems to fit like a glove. (Sorry, not an O.J. pun!) Youth magazines, such as Jack and Jill and Highlights, are being inundated by my work! I haven’t yet heard back from any of these publications, but my fingers are crossed.
Last year certainly had its ups and downs in my personal life. I find that aspect deeply influences my writing. Best to all and write away! To quote author Dorothy Parker, “I hate writing. I love having written.””

Amanda of  Stay-at-Home Panda was targeting Huffington Post, Washington Post and Romper in 2016.
photo (4)

UPDATE: “Last year my target publications were Huffington Post, Washington Post, and Romper. I’m thrilled to say I met all these goals!

After badgering every editor at Huffington Post, I finally received an invitation to a contributor platform. The first thing I published there was an article on how to talk to children about tragedy, specifically the Orlando Pulse shooting which happened in our area. I also published I Wasn’t Happy Until I Became More Than Just A Mom on Huffington Post, and saw a ton of readership and engagement, and that was a lot of fun.

I submitted many pieces through the Talent Network to Washington Post, and finally received an acceptance. One day I checked my email on my phone while peeing and when I saw, “Your pitch has been accepted” I ran out into the living room where my family was, with my pants still by my ankles, screaming. That was a cool day. Again, I enjoyed a lot of engagement of this piece about the benefits of not forcing my children to share. Oh yeah, I enjoyed being paid well too!

I had one piece on Romper, and it pertained to the Orlando shooting. I interviewed moms on the conversations they were having with their children on the topic.”

headshot (2)Becky of Becky’s Blog was targeting Brain, Child Magazine in 2016.

UPDATE: “I was not published in Brain, Child this past year and it remains at the top of my list for publications to submit to. One of the steps I took to focus on this publication was keeping an eye on specific themes that Brain, Child requested. I spent a lot of time on my essay in response to Brain, Child‘s call for pieces about grandparents. Although that particular essay was not accepted, it was published on Kveller and got a great response there.

I also read Brain, Child regularly to get a better sense of what the editors are looking for. It is still at the top of my list and I will continue to submit there.

I had pieces accepted by Literary Mama and Coffee + Crumbs, two other bucket list publications. In addition, I have a writing group which keeps me accountable and has really improved my essays. When providing feedback to each other, we always make sure to suggest sites for publication, which has helped me to consider additional places for my work.”

Heather can be found at Heather Haines and was targeting Hearst Digital Magazines, Skirt Magazine, The1451935334 Sun Magazine and Darling Magazine in 2016.

UPDATE: “I did publish with Darling however, The Sun was the big one for me… and anyone who has researched them knows it’s tough! They usually only respond if they’re accepting your work. To my utter surprise, I received a very nice letter with a handwritten note from the editor telling me to keep submitting. Knowing that the Editor from such an amazing publication took the time to write me a personal note made my year! It was almost as good as an acceptance letter and his missive is still sitting on my desk today!

I haven’t been published with Skirt, but I do have a piece under consideration with Good Housekeeping and my work load with other magazines and publications has doubled. I’ve also spent a lot of time cultivating existing relationship to get more work and have found that a few of my Editors now rely on me for new ideas and information. All in all, I’m pleased with 2016 and can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!”

Elizabeth Seeking Imperfection was targeting The Mighty and Scary Mommy in 2016, and also hoped to complete her memoir manuscript.

Elizabeth WoodUPDATE: “It was an exciting year for me. Did everything go exactly as I had planned? No, but I’m okay with that! I was picked as a cast member for the 2016 Listen To Your Mother show in Evansville. What an amazing opportunity. Here’s a link to the show, and a blog post I wrote about the experience.

I submitted one original story to Scary Mommy, and didn’t hear anything back. I decided to re-work the piece, and then I successfully pitched it to Café S’Mom, where it was published.

I have not submitted anything to The Mighty. I don’t have a good excuse as to why I didn’t, but here’s one of them: I am still intimidated! Will what I submit be good enough?!

I spent many hours last summer editing my manuscript. It is being considered by a literary agent I met at a writing conference in 2016. In addition, I’ve submitted personal essays that are currently under consideration for publication in anthologies.

 My goals for the coming year include getting more rejections (this article inspires me to do just that!) and finally submitting a piece to The Mighty. An author website is also in the works.

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