Did These 7 Bloggers Get Published On The Sites They Were Aiming For A Year Ago?

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Did These 7 Bloggers Get Published On The Sites They Were Aiming For A Year Ago - Beyond Your Blog

Over a year ago, Beyond Your Blog published a post called Most Wanted: Bloggers Share The Sites They Most Want To Be Featured On, where some of our readers shared their publication goals with us.

We recently checked back in with 7 of them to find out whether they had achieved those goals. Here is what they had to say:

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ManMandy Trautdy blogs at Aphrodite Blossoming, and in September of 2014 was targeting Huffington Post, BlogHer, and Women of Spirit & Faith.

UPDATE FROM MANDY: Honestly, I was too young in blogging when I made my initial goals. I realize now that they were not my true goals for blogging (with the exception of Blogher and winning a VOTY award). As for Huffington Post, and Women of Spirit & Faith – I am looking at different writing opportunities. Suffice to say, I never actually submitted to The Huffington Post, and I learned that Women of Spirit and Faith was an organization with their own newsletter (I think only people on the inside could write for it).

This is what I HAVE done!

After being published in Chicken Soup I am hungry for more publishing opportunities. I recently submitted a story to Daydreamsdandelions Anthology. With my interest in disability empowerment, I also submitted to Ramp Your Voices – I AM ABLE campaign. Participating in either of these anthologies would be a privilege. As always, I’d be happy to participate in anthologies related to women empowerment & modern sexuality/relationship structures.

I also have a dream of one day publishing my own book (or books). But, only time will tell…

Did These 7 Bloggers Get Published On The Sites They Were Aiming For A Year Ago - Beyond Your Blog

Jill blogs at Ripped Jeans & Bifocals and in September of 2014 was targeting The Huffington Post‘s Parenting section.


UPDATE FROM JILL:  It seems SO LONG AGO that I wanted to be on The Huffington Post’s parenting vertical. It makes me laugh now, because I did become a Huffpost blogger, and Parenting hardly ever features my work. I have a good rapport with the editor of HuffPost50 and more often than not, I will usually send my stuff through them because they often feature it…and any HuffPost blogger knows the difference between being featured and being buried! I even send a lot of my parenting posts through 50 because it’s got a better chance of being featured…and sometimes, Parenting features it too. If I send it directly through Parenting, it seems like there’s more competition and my post usually doesn’t get to the front page of Parents…although that’s happened a couple of times and the traffic is amazing.

Read Jill’s story of how she became a HuffPost Blogger:

Persistence Pays – How I Became a Huffington Post Blogger

I know a lot of bloggers say they don’t get any benefit from writing for The Huffington Post but they’ve been very good to me and I hope it’s a relationship that continues into 2016. They are happy to post things that have already been on my blog and it’s been a great way to get some more mileage out of things that have done well on my blog…or things that I wrote before I had the level of readership I do now.

My published pieces What You Should Know About Post-Adoption Depression and I Don’t Suck At Motherhood Just Because I Take Antidepressants are both good examples of how putting yourself out there in a big pond like HuffPost can really make you vulnerable and bring out the assholes. I had a hard time with some of the comments on these posts, in spite of telling myself I have a thick skin.  I think what surprised me most was that HuffPost took me out of the “mommy blogger” circles and got me connected to different readers.  It’s ultimately been very good for the growth of my blog and social media channels.

So, going back and reading what I wrote again, being on HuffPost did give me what I expected to get from it.  Also of note: I’m a local producer for Listen To Your Mother and in dealing with our charity beneficiary, the guy Googled me and knew I wrote for The Huffington Post before we scheduled our first meeting.  That gave me credibility and he’d already decided I was “someone” before we met in person and started our work relationship.

K McLaughlin Head ShotKatie blogs at Pick Any Twoand in September of 2014 was targeting Scary Mommy and Babble.

UPDATE FROM KATIE: I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully been published on Scary Mommy! I did so by submitting an original piece that fit well with the site’s overall tone and style, on a topic that I knew would strike a chord with a lot of their readers. The experience of being published there was as positive as I expected—the submission process was clear, the resulting boost in my own followers was significant, and the pay was good. I plan on submitting again soon! Here’s my published post: Dear Children, I’m Not Sorry I Work

Sadly I haven’t found my “in” with Babble yet. I’ve noticed that a lot of their top articles are written by the same people, so I’m guessing they have a couple of regulars they rely on most of the time. I still would love to be published here someday!

Rebel MonyMoni blogs at RebelMony.com, and in September of 2014 was targeting Scary Mommy and Huffington Post.

UPDATE FROM MONI: I never did accomplish my goal of being published on Scary Mommy or Huffington Post, mainly because I stopped trying (that’s what I tell myself anyway!). I started a new, unrelated job and it has been taking up all my time. However, whenever I tried to get out of the “blogging game,” something always brought me back. In addition to (very occasional) blogging on my original site, Rebel Mony, I am a contributor for Rebel Yell. Our numbers were healthy from our first post, and the writers are amazing women! I am so excited to be part of their group and also to post when time allows. It will be interesting to see where this more casual, fun approach to blogging may take me.

Carly blogs at Living The Scream, and in September of 2014 was targeting Scary Mommy.Carly_Headshot_2013_04

UPDATE FROM CARLY: I have been in a huge writing funk for the last little while! Articles such as A Message To Every Writer Who Feels Like Giving Up, have made me feel not alone. While I have not yet been published at Scary Mommy it is something I still want. I got super close to being in a Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology last year and that has made me want it even more, so I have been working on that and looking into other anthologies. Mostly I am just trying to get back into a daily writing habit. So glad Beyond your blog keeps me in the know What a neat community it has been!

headshot 200Alison blogs at Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops,and in September of 2014 was targeting The Huffington Post and HelloGiggles.

UPDATE FROM ALISON: This time last year I desperately wanted to get on The Huffington Post and HelloGiggles. I did manage to get published on HuffingtonPost – a number of times, actually. One of my pieces landed me a radio interview which was pretty cool. I got on by Facebook messaging the vertical I wanted to get on and a few months later they actually responded.

As for HelloGiggles, I would still love to be on there one day, but I’ve decided to focus on sites with shorter turnaround times to increase my frequency of publication. This year, I’m also focussed on expanding to print publications.

0828141657Rachael blogs at Three Boys and A Momand in September of 2014 was targeting The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.

UPDATE FROM RACHAEL: Since the original post, I am thrilled and honored to say I have been published on both Scary Mommy (You’re Missing Everything) and The Huffington Post (‘You Don’t Look Like A Mom’), which were my two biggest goals. Scary Mommy is a site I regularly contribute to, along with other sites including The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Family Share, For Every Mom, YouShare, Uplift, Mom Babble and DivorcedMoms.com. There are so many amazing sites out there and I’d be honored to be published on any and all of them. Some of my new goals include branching out from sites I am familiar and comfortable with, and expanding to other sites that pay, along with magazines and other literary outlets.

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