Creating An Author Website: 7 Sites That Will Totally Inspire You!

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Creating An Author Website: 7 Sites That Will Totally Inspire You!

If you clicked to read this article, you probably fall into one of 3 categories:

1.) You have an author site and either want to see how it measures up, or know it could use a facelift

2.) You don’t have an author site, but have considered creating one to showcase your writing

3.) You have a blog or website and would like to add a section/page dedicated to your writing

Am I on the right track?

An author site is a great way to showcase your published writing, sell your books, present reviews, provide your resume and bio, cultivate a mailing list, and even create a blog to update readers on progress of upcoming books, events, new publications, offer writing and publishing tips and more!

Other things to consider adding might be social media links, course recommendations, contact information, and even a freebie download that ties in with your writing or book content.

An author website should offer content for both fans as well as potential publishers and agents.

Creating An Author Website: 7 Sites That Will Totally Inspire You!

Beyond Your Blog has identified 7 fabulous author sites that we hope inspire you! You’ll see that the selections are not all necessarily the ones with the most bells and whistles, rather the ones that are clean, easy to navigate, and stand out with special touches.

  • – This site is a winner for me in its simplicity (and I’m a sucker for some poison poppies). With 4 menu options including a page where you can buy her books, a contact page, blog and brief about page, what more do you need?  Special Touch: Minimalism! Christina keeps it short and sweet keeping it uncomplicated for readers who can easily find her writing and buy her books.

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  • – This author site has a very modern feel with easy access to information through a header menu as well as via icons as you scroll down the page. Special Touch: Alessandra’s contact info overlays a photo of her and her family and includes typical social links and contact form as well as email and even a link to her author page. It drives editors, agents and publishers nuts when you don’t provide an email address, so she’s got all of her bases covered.

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  • – One of the things I love about Kim’s site is that her photo is above the fold, so I know who she is right away. The design is casual, yet professional. Special Touch: Kimberly’s Author FAQs read like a Q&A, and get visitors interested in her writing and personality.

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  • – Another gorgeous author site, Ana keeps it simple and streamlined with her menu and clear emphasis on her service offerings. Special Touch: Ana includes an About You page where she describes the type of client she works well with, and even lists some of her dream clients (I wonder if any of them have called her up yet?). Check out her ‘gift’ under the About tab too…pretty cool idea to help build a mailing list!

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  • – Colette’s author page is probably edgier than most in this list with intriguing photography throughout and curious book quotes scrolling on her home page. I like the way she lays out the information on her Coaching & Classes page to have everything a potential client might be looking for. Special Touch: Writers’ Resources offers an extensive collection of links including communities, publishing tools, advice, and blogging tips for fellow writers to browse and enjoy.

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  • – Katie’s site is very clear about service offerings and what she can offer to a client. Special Touch: When you land on Katie’s home page, you know exactly the types of writing she offers, and can tell in about 10 seconds of reading whether you may want to learn more. As a potential client, I love that I don’t have to hunt around to get directly to the info I need.

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  • – This site immediately tells me I’m dealing with someone who has a sense of humor. This immediately led me to check out her book, which is now on my Amazon wish list. Her home page is fun and her book looks fun, a theme that carries through her entire site. Special Touch: Jennifer does a great job of consistently using humor, both with the fun cartoon image of her book character on the home page, to the menu icons and general light humor throughout her author site.

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If you have a great author page to share (your own or another author’s), link it in the comments!

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