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Welcome to some of my favorite things in the blogging and writing world. I am a big fan of all of the products and services you’ll find here, and I think you may be too. If you click an affiliate link and subsequently make a purchase, I get a small portion of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Pro Writing Aid - This is a tool that goes WAY beyond spell check people. If you want a quick and easy way to identify and replace overused words, eliminate vague words, catch tough grammar and spelling mistakes (like misused words), and generally improve readability and quality of writing, try ProWritingAid's FREE editor HERE. Oh, and if you decide to try their Premium tool that works with Wordpress, MS Word, and Google Docs and provides an even faster analysis than the free tool, be sure to enter our voucher code BEYOND2017 when you purchase for 20% off! Writing Improvement Software
SumoMe - SumoMe offers a free set of tools we use here at BYB to grow our subscriber list by hundreds each month. You may have noticed the smart bar at the top of the screen or the pop up window for example. The beauty is that you can customize and select tools that offer just the right level of in-your-face-ness to woo YOUR subscribers without conflicting with how you like to run your site. It can be a pop up like I use (and love), but there are other flavors as well - a smart bar at the top of your page, a welcome mat page, a scroll box that politely comes from the corner of your screen and much more. I started with a skeptical 'I'll try this and just see' approach, and a year and a half later am still using it, because IT WORKS. To give it a try, you can visit my partner page
99designs - Book covers, logos, and pretty much any business or web design you can think of is the wheelhouse of 99designs. Beyond Your Blog's logo came from this site and I plan to use them again! Once you engage 99designs, you start a contest among a sea of designers and the designs start rolling in. You can ask for tweaks, select favorites and basically feel like a queen as designers try to capture your vision with amazing design talent. I no longer purchase my designs any other way. Learn more here.
Make Money to Write About Your Kids (285 Markets): Get Published in Regional, National and Online Parenting and Family Magazines - I interviewed author Kerrie McLoughlin on my podcast and she shared how she is often paid to publish her writing in the free family and parenting magazines in localities across the US. She also shared how they are often open to paying for republished work that was not published in a competitive market. Kerrie has been paid for the same piece over 30 times in some cases! She explains it more in this book, and half the book is a directory of where you can submit your work.
Mom Blog Academy - After auditing this e-course, I couldn't wait to help promote it! I met Shari at a conference and thought to myself "Now there is an organized and motivated person who knows her stuff!". I also thought to myself that she might have the best hair I'd ever seen, but that's beside the point. MOM BLOG ACADEMY - Practical Info You Need To Start A Profitable Blog is a course that is great for newer bloggers looking to take their blogging to the next level, as well as those getting ready to start their own blog.

Shari's course is self-paced with 6 info-packed videos and a follow-along work book with bite sized activities/assignments to complete as you go. She takes you from finding your niche and setting up your website, to SEO and social media, monetizing & MUCH more. She even addresses my favorite topic: submitting your work! It was as if she watched my first year of blogging from afar and structured her course content to school me on all the stuff I made a mess of. Oh, and you also get hand holding via a Facebook Group and Q&A sessions.
Check out my affiliate link HERE.