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Writing Improvement SoftwareProWritingAid

This is not your mother’s spell check! If you want a quick and easy way to identify and replace overused words, eliminate vague words, catch tough grammar and spelling mistakes (like misused words), and generally improve readability and quality of writing, try ProWritingAid’s FREE editor. Oh, and if you decide to try their Premium tool with some extra bells and whistles, be sure to enter our voucher code BEYOND2017 when you purchase for 20% off!

COST – FREE (with paid premium tool option available)





Sumo offers a free set of tools we use here at BYB to grow our subscriber list by hundreds each month. Whether you opt for a pop up, a smart bar at the top of your page, a welcome mat page, a scroll box that politely comes from the corner of your screen or one of many other customizable options, you will find the combination that works for your blog or business through Sumo. I started with a skeptical ‘I’ll just try this and see‘ approach, and two years later I am still using it, because IT WORKS. To give it a try, you can visit my partner page

COST – FREE (with paid professional options available starting at $29/month)




How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Stories to Parenting Magazines

I interviewed author Kerrie McLoughlin on my podcast and she shared how she is often paid to publish her writing in regional publications across the US, and how they frequently pay for republished work. Kerrie has been paid for the same piece over 30 times in some cases! This book explains her process so you can follow it. Bonus: half the book is a directory of specific regional publications where you can submit your work (220 of the markets are regional and 164 are national/online

COST – $9.99 (only available as a PDF as of July 2018). Also,only available as a PDF as of July 2018. Also, 220 of the markets are regional and 164 are national/online)



71 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

The Write Life’s guide for new freelance writers. “This helpful guide for new writers walks you through 71 different options for earning income as a freelance writer, including information on how much each gig pays and tips for how to land jobs. Even better, many of the ideas we suggest are online writing jobs, which mean you can work from home. If you’re interested in finding freelance writing gigs but don’t know where to start, this ebook is for you.”

COST – $19



Get Better Clients and Earn More Money

The Write Life brings you this book for freelance writers who want to up their game and answer the questions: ” Are you getting paid enough? Are you taking the right freelance-writing jobs? Will you ever achieve work-life balance?”

Freelancer Nicole Dieker, has answered all those questions for herself as she’s grown as a freelance writer. In her columns, she has revealed that she’s worked her way up to earning $10K a month!  Now, she’s sharing her tips with you in our ebook, Get Better Clients and Earn More Money: A Guide for Freelance Writers.

COST – $23



Submission Savvy

No more wondering how your fellow bloggers are getting published on popular websites, and no more frustration because no one is reading your writing on your personal blog. Whether you are looking to find your ideal audience, gain new followers, get paid for your writing or one of the many other benefits offered by being published beyond your personal blog, Submission Savvy will provide all the information you need to start submitting your work and getting published!

COST – $197 (check the link for current bonuses included!)